Decluttering Challenge: +52 Items, 68 items total!


I’ve been sick, so I apologize for not getting the post up on Wednesday.  It seems that my immune system isn’t up to par.  This week I decluttered 52 items, which brings my total up to 68 items! I think it’s going to be a little more challenging than I thought to get rid of 365 items this year.  I’m really going to have to go through things and figure out what really is worth keeping and what’s not.  It does feel good to get rid of things, and I think when I have a big pile of stuff to donate that it feels more impressive than if I have more of the smaller items.  I don’t have pictures this week because I can’t find my digital camera (I didn’t get rid of it- at least I hope not!).  I’ll be sure to have some up next week.

How is your decluttering challenge going?

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4 thoughts on “Decluttering Challenge: +52 Items, 68 items total!

  1. Kacie says:

    Good job! And I hope you feel better soon. I wondered where ya were.

    You could always get rid of some of those extra towels and VHS tapes if you need to boost your numbers 🙂


  2. Saving Her Life says:

    My decluttering is sloooooow. But it’s still on my mind! 365 items is starting to seem daunting, but it’s only the end of January. I’m sure I’ll be able to reach that number this year!


  3. Becky R says:

    I am up to 115 items. Plus bags of junk I threw away.
    I only moved in 1 year ago, so how do I have so much stuff? Plus my house is only about 900 square feet so I need to keep it simple. Now if only my two boys would be on board with that. lol.

    I love decluttering. It feels good!!!


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