Declutter 365 Items in 2011: 16 Items


Every Wednesday I’ll post about how many items I’ve decluttered for the 365 Declutter Challenge.  I’m going to keep a running tally of how many items I’ve decluttered.  If it seems that 365 items is an easy goal and I meet it quickly, I’ll probably strive for the 2011 items goal.  It’s a little scary, but hopefully it will challenge me in a good way!  I am going to do my best to work on some decluttering this weekend, and hopefully I’ll have some good before and after pictures.  My office is a disaster zone; items keep getting thrown in there and never put where they are supposed to go.

Here are pictures of the things I’m getting rid of this week.

This brings my total item count to 16. We’re getting there!

If you want to post on your blog that you are participating in the challenge, here is a button that you can share:

Declutter 365 Items in 2011
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Just copy and paste the html! It’s as easy as that.  Thanks to Mrs. Accountability from Out of Debt Again for the wonderful buttons!

Here are some hints I’ve learned while decluttering:

Decluttering Tips

-If you’re looking for a big impact, look to large items that you don’t use.  When you remove them, it will make a huge impact.

-Don’t declutter a significant other’s items unless you have their permission.  It’s not cool to ditch things that aren’t yours.  You may end up tossing something the other person loved.  Kids toys are a go, though!

-Try to figure out if the item will sell for a good amount of money before tossing it.  Generally if I think something will bring less than $5, I donate it.  If I think it will bring more than that, I keep it to sell on eBay or Craigslist.

-Designate a box or an area as your drop off zone.  We have an area in our dining room that we put items in to take to Goodwill.  Items I’m going to sell go into the extra bedroom.

If you’ve participated in the challenge, please link to your posts here: .

Get ready for next Wednesday!

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12 thoughts on “Declutter 365 Items in 2011: 16 Items

  1. ListfulWistful says:

    This challenge has helped me set the tone for the 2011 I’d like. Not only are things less cluttered, I’m making a little money, donating things to my favorite organizations, and enjoying the extra space!


  2. AJ says:

    I got rid of about 400 items last week. A little trash and a lot for the local shelter and thrift store. Feels good to get the crap out of the house. And I have lots more to go!


  3. Mike Collins says:


    Select an area – clear it. Make it a small manageable area.

    Organize – sort, trash, put away.

    Stash – put the sorted items in containers and return them to their home. Dump the junk. Sometimes selling unwanted items is more trouble than it’s worth. Drop them at the Goodwill, or Boomerangs and get on with using the energy you get from decluttering.


  4. Jessica07 says:

    Great job on the decluttering progress! I need to take a picture of the before of my own decluttering challenge project and send it to you. 🙂 It’s rather scary.


  5. Funny about Money says:

    Semi-Demi-Exboyfriend was very good at yard sales — he loves to shop them, and he loves to throw them. He’s also pretty fair at steady decluttering, except for his collection of bargain food items (“Klingon food,” as I used to call it; he called it “food futures”). When he lived with me, we always had a box in the garage where we tossed any junk we thought we could sell. About once every six to twelve months, he’d put on a yard sale, and amazingly, we managed to pawn almost all the stuff off on other people. When we closed the sale, we would drag the leftovers out to the curb and put up a sign saying “FREE,” and by the next morning every bit of it would be gone.

    He used to say it made him feel lighter to get rid of the junk. 😀


  6. Dana says:

    I spent the time after the holidays decluttering. It feels so good to get rid of that extra stuff – plus it makes cleanup much easier. I store stuff to donate in a big bin in the garage. Then we make it a point to donate it by the end of the month so the stuff doesn’t wind up coming back into the house!


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