CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and Biotoxin Illness


I met with my functional medicine doctor yesterday, and we went over all my symptoms and the fact that I really haven’t made any healing progress since I started seeing her in October. In fact, I feel like my health has actually declined. She said my symptoms- fatigue, thyroid and adrenal problems, memory loss, anxiety, plus the fact that I failed the Shoemaker vision test indicated that I have CIRS, or biotoxin illness, most likely from mold exposure at some point in my life.

While I am relieved to have a guess as to what’s going on with my body, I am also completely overwhelmed as to how we are going to move forward with treating my body and possibly our house. Our first step in healing my body is to actually take a medicine called cholestyramine, which will help bind to the toxins and remove them from my body. I’m nervous because I don’t want to suffer from detox effects, but I also am really tired of feeling like I’m dying. I need to keep working on eating healthy and supporting my body naturally to help it detox.

We also need to have our house inspected to see if there is any hidden mold. This completely overwhelms me because I feel like it’s a silent killer, and could possibly be lurking all in our house and all over our possessions. Thankfully we have been living minimally for years, and this is actually propelling us to live with even less. I have heard stories of some people who actually lock the doors and leave their houses with everything in it and move. I really hope it doesn’t come down to that for us! It makes me so sad to think about that. My daughter was born in our bathroom seven years ago, my sister lives next door, and we can picture ourselves living here for a long time and being happy.

I’ve called a few local companies but I don’t feel like they have given me the answers that I would like. My doctor’s office is going to be calling around to see if they can find a good company for us to have come out. In the meantime, I’m doing everything I can to keep the air in our house healthy- diffusing a thieves type blend essential oil, opening windows when it’s nice out, and I’m looking into purchasing an air purifier for our house.

It’s completely overwhelming to me. I feel like the treatment for myself and possibly the house are going to cost so much money it scares me. However, I have felt so bad for so long that at this point I would do pretty much whatever is necessary to heal my body and feel better! I can’t wait until the day that I feel good like I used to.

The good news is that if this is truly what we are dealing with, with the medicine I’m going to be taking, I should notice a difference within a few weeks. I surely hope so!

I will be sure to update on the progress of everything. I feel hopeful that we have a plan, and I am praying that healing will come quickly!

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