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Wells Fargo Opened a Credit Card for My Business After I Said I Didn’t Want One

Today I have a guest post from Mrs. Accountability whose blog Out of Debt Again chronicles the journey her family is taking in getting out of debt for the second time. Mrs. Accountability blogs about getting out of debt, frugality, and just about anything related to personal finance. About a month ago I decided it was finally time to open a business checking for my blog and side hustles. I was motivated in part because I decided to start using Quickbooks for my online business, and it is more difficult to track income when you have money coming in and going out of personal accounts. You can track it, but in order to actually keep income records in Quickbooks I would have to either pull in the personal accounts for reconciliation, or only add the transactions pertinent to the business. Pulling in everything meant I would have to reconcile the checking account twice, and adding only pertinent transactions meant I wouldn’t be able to reconcile the account. One Friday I was at the bank, and curious as to how much […]

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