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Do What Works for You

photo credit: Jean Pichot I believe one of the very most important parts of frugal living is to do what works for you. I can sit here all day and blabber on how I save money by making my own bath products, turning my heat down, and consolidating trips to save gas, but those may be things that you aren’t willing to do for whatever reason.  That’s totally fine.  One of the best things about living life is learning from others and respecting their choices. I do think that there are frugal alternatives to pretty much everything, so if you’re not going to be hardcore frugal, you can still save money in some way. -Don’t want to use cloth toilet paper? You can buy your toilet paper in bulk, either at the grocery store or Costco or Sam’s. You will still be saving money. -Does the idea of using baking soda as shampoo freak you out? Start playing the drugstore games to score some awesome deals on shampoo. -Is your time limited and you can’t soak and cook your own […]

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Selling Yourself

photo credit: bradley j Day after day, I dream of selling my house, buying some land in the woods, and living in a cabin, yurt, or tiny house. Yet day after day I continue the lather, rinse, repeat that is my life. Wake up, go to work, work, come home, clean, go to bed.  Often times I feel like my life is unfulfilled; rather, my job is unfulfilled, but it pays really well and I know what I am doing (for the most part). Sometimes I feel like the biggest sell out. I think that one of the best reasons to be frugal is to be able to live on less and have time to do things we love, yet personally I am not able to walk the walk as much as I talk the talk.  I work this job that is okay, not something I’m in love with, but I do it for the money and the benefits. I’ve been thinking about going part time for awhile, and then I sit down and figure out how much money I […]

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Where have all the Housewives Gone?

photo credit: x-ray delta one Ah, remember the good old days of the Fifties? Nope, neither do I.  I have always been intrigued by that era though.  The soda fountains, sock hops, and relaxed atmosphere.  I totally believe I would have been a fantastic housewife during the Fifties.  I’d wear my cute little apron, hang laundry on Monday, have dinner ready by the time hubby came home, and make sure the kids were having fun playing outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  *sigh* It seems that housewives are now extinct.  I, for one, am really sad about this.  I think there is a lot of value in housewives.  I know between working full time, keeping up with the household chores, and blogging I feel like I barely have time to rest!  I get tired just thinking about my days sometimes.  I think that if we could afford it, and I wouldn’t feel like a lazy buns, I could totally rock the housewife persona.  I’d be super organized and make a schedule. My paternal grandmother went by a schedule like […]

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