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Things I Can’t Seem to Declutter

Even though I’m a believer in you shouldn’t keep it even if you have the space, I also seem to have a few areas of my house that I just can’t seem to pare down.  It’s really hard for me to get rid of these things for one reason or another.  I know that I’ve been pretty good about getting rid of things, but there’s always excess somewhere. Here are the things I can’t seem to be able to declutter: 1. Towels.  We have probably over 20 towels for two adults (plus two labs).  I have towels from when we first moved in together, my husband has his bachelor towels, we have towels from my mother, and we even have wedding present towels!  I feel like towels are just something that you can always use.  You can’t have too many towels, right? 2. Pillows, blankets, and sheet sets.  Again, same thing with the towels.  Not only is it nice to have towels for guests, but it’s also nice when they don’t have to bring their own pillows and blankets.  I […]

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Should You Keep it if You Can Store it?

It seems like the majority of people are realizing that less is more, and a minimalist lifestyle is rapidly gaining popularity.  I definitely lean more towards minimalism, and I’m always decluttering and trying to make more space in my house.  I feel better when I don’t have a bunch of stuff laying around and taking up space. One day I was listening to my mother tell one of her friends that I don’t even like my attic cluttered.  Maybe I’m a little OCD; maybe I just don’t like stuff.  It’s probably a little bit of both.  After I thought about her statement for awhile, I started to sway to keeping more things.  I’ve got the space, so why not keep it? I think having more Stuff in your house can cost you time and money.  When you’ve got more stuff in your house, you have to keep it in good condition, clean around it, put it away, and maintain it.  It’s much easier to clean when you don’t have a ton of knick knacks cluttering your shelves. On the other […]

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