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The Dark Side of Decluttering No One Wants to Discuss

I have been a fan of simple living/minimalism for many years.  I have worked hard to declutter our home and keep it as clutter free as possible even after adding to our family.  Over the past few years, I’ve tried many different methods in decluttering and simplifying our house.  One of my favorite methods is the Kon Mari method from the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  The gist of it is: if the item doesn’t spark joy, don’t keep it in your home.  It makes sense in theory: for example, if there’s a shirt that when you look at it, you don’t love it, chances are that you’re going to skip over that shirt every time you get dressed.  If you get rid of it, you won’t miss it.  Obviously there are some things in your home that don’t necessarily spark joy when you look at them- the toilet brush, your toothbrush, etc. but are imperative to have.  The idea behind keeping those items is that a clean toilet and mouth spark joy.  I agree with that. […]

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Finding Contentment With What You Have

I had to unsubscribe from the feed of one of my favorite home decorating blogs this morning.  I’ve been reading it for years, but lately I’ve noticed that their pictures of beautiful rooms and neat projects was making me feel like my house was greatly inferior.  Years ago I was embarrassed of my house, and while the feeling is still there sometimes, for the most part I am proud of how I’ve fixed up and decorated.  It really feels like home now, and I love the size and layout.  I have such a hard time reading blogs and looking at pictures online and not comparing them to my house.  It’s hard to picture the houses not picture-perfect (and I’m sure that most of the houses aren’t immaculate all the time).  I realized that by reading all these house blogs I was setting unrealistic expectations of my own house and had to change something.  It was stressing me out when anything in my house was out of place or dirty.  With Penny, it’s harder for me to do things than in […]

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Decluttering Challenge Update: 148 Items

Every Wednesday I’ll post about how many items I’ve decluttered for the 365 Declutter Challenge. I’m going to keep a running tally of how many items I’ve decluttered. If it seems that 365 items is an easy goal and I meet it quickly, I’ll probably strive for the 2011 items goal. It’s a little scary, but hopefully it will challenge me in a good way! I decluttered 53 more items this week.  Included in the pile of crap you will see a few paint sheets, some crappy yarn that was given to me that I held onto forever before deciding I’m not going to use it, and clothes.  Also? Note that really weird gourd thing that I was given.  I still have no clue what its true purpose is. I’m going to cut back from the weekly decluttering posts because I’m worried I’m boring you all with the mundane details.  I’ll start posting on the first Wednesday of every month.  I’ll still keep decluttering, but I’ll just be updating once a month. When I first started the challenge, I was […]

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