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Breaking the Seal

You’ve probably heard the term before, but be assured that I’m not going to talk about that exactly. Last week I spent time with my 20 year old sister. She thinks I am totally a tightwad but that’s another story. We were talking about money and she said that since she’s been unemployed she’s had to tap into her savings account. While she was working, she was always contributing to the account. Now that she’s not, she obviously needs money for gas so it has to come from somewhere. She said that before she became unemployed, she would never touch her savings account. It was almost a sin to withdraw money. Once she “broke the seal” though, she said it was much easier to keep hitting up her savings account like a rich uncle. In her case, she really can’t help it because she doesn’t have a steady source of income. But to combat withdrawing too much, I recommended she have a separate account that she has a certain amount of money in so that may help curb the habit. […]

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Frugal Halloween Costumes for Pets!

I decided at work today that I needed to find a Halloween costume to wear to work tomorrow. Nothing like a little procrastination, right? After work today I swung by Goodwill to look for something. I spotted the ugliest housecoat within a minute of walking in the door. I knew it would be mine, and I ended up finding a pair of new slippers to go with it. I’ll buy some new hair rollers and call it a day. While I was there, I decided to browse the kids’ section. I wanted to buy something for my dogs to wear. We had previously purchased them dog costumes from the store, but they were too small (and cost $10 each!) so we returned them. I was bummed. I found the cutest outfits for each of them, tossed them in my cart, and went up to the register. I asked how much each of them were. $2 each. Score! I now present to you my cute girl doggies with their frugal Halloween costumes: Pup #1 is a quarter back for the local […]

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What do you do with all the Money you Save?

While I was in Michigan last week, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my 20 year old sister. It was awesome, because we really don’t get to spend much time together with me living so far away from her. We were talking about things, and she asked me a question that threw me for a loop. “What do you do with all the money you save? You’ve mentioned quite a bit that you do certain things to save money, but what exactly is is that you do with all the money you save? Why not just spend and live life?” Wow. Keep in mind that we grew up with the same thrifty mama. I think what made her so curious was that I told her to pull into the parking lot that had all the rvs for sale. I told her that if we lived in an rv, we would save so much money.  I guess she didn’t think it was as cool as I did. I basically told her that it’s essential to keep […]

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Do you ever Regret NOT Spending Money?

So often I hear of personal finance and frugal bloggers admitting their mistakes on their blogs.  A lot of them feel guilty about spending money on something, and they talk about how bad it makes them feel to know they just wasted money.  I’ve been there many times first hand, and I know that the guilt can sometimes eat you alive.  But on the other hand- is there a time where you wish you had spent money and didn’t? In 2005 Mr. Money and I got married in my home state and decided we wanted to honeymoon in Hawaii.  We saved our pennies and used some money from family and booked our trip to Hawaii.  I was still frugal back then, and we did make sure we got the best deal possible on airfare, hotel, and car with the help of my mom.  She’s the ultimate frugal person.  We paid extra to have a hotel buffet every morning (totally worth it even though I gained five pounds) and paid extra for a safe in our room and one mai tai […]

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Yard Sale Steals

It’s yard sale season!  I am stoked, as a lot of the subdivisions in my area are having community yard sales.  There’s nothing better than getting up early on the weekends and going to rich neighborhoods and finding steals.  This weekend I got up early and hit the road with my neighbor.  We weren’t in search for anything in particular, but we ended up finding a few gems.  Here’s my loot: For myself I got some cute clothes for $.50 each, some pajama pants for $1 each in this lovely light material for summer.  The shoes were $2. Mr. Money got the brown and blue shirt for $.50 as well, and when I brought it home he told me he didn’t need any more clothes.  I need to make sure I don’t buy him any more, even if it is a good deal. I got the fake wheat grass for $.50 as well, the throw pillows (which are real down filled!) for $3 each, and then the water pitcher filter for $3 as well.  I’ve been thinking about using the […]

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My $53.57 Electric Bill makes me Happy!

I am truly seeing the benefits of hang drying all my laundry, being a cheapskate on the heat/air conditioning, and unplugging appliances when not in use. This month our electric bill was only $53.57. Yes, you read that right. I thought it was a mistake when I logged into the online bill payment system for our electric company. Our bill has never been this low and we’ve lived in this house for over two years! I was completely ecstatic and paid right away. I had budgeted about $150 for this month’s electric bill, so I have $100 extra to do something with this month! I’m going to keep it set aside for our vacation, but I am hoping that we won’t have to tap into that and I can use it for debt reduction when we get home. I’m not too worried about it though because I’m still glowing from our $53.57 electric bill! It’s times like these when all the crazy green things I do make it worth it. Sometimes I think I’m crazy for doing the things that […]

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