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Reallocating your 401K

Well, I did it. I reallocated my 401k. I was really nervous about it, and I’m still a little sick to my stomach, but I know in the long run that it will be much better because now I am more diversified. What really scared me was that almost 30% of my entire 401k was in company stock and if (God forbid) the company went under, well there goes 30% of my 401k money. I’d be stupid to leave that much in there. Enron anyone? At first, I was worried about all the money that I lost by selling my company stock. After all, last year it was around $38 a share, and of course I was gifted shares and perhaps bought some too at that price. Now the stock is around $5 a share. That’s a lot of money to lose! However, I am looking at it like this: I didn’t technically pay for it, so I really haven’t lost any of my own money. Next time the company matches my 401k contribution, I’ll sell the stock they give […]

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401K Company Match with Stock- Should I sell?

401k Company Match with Stock Last time I wrote about my 401k, I wrote about how when the company matches in company stock. Well, after I received my quarterly bonus on the 15th of this month, I was given even more company stock, which is now 28% of my 401k.  With the way that our stock price has gone (from roughly $36 a year ago to around $5 a share currently), I want to get rid of some of the stock and reallocate it to another fund.  I don’t like being so vulnerable.  I know a few people that have 100% of their 401k in company stock.  I could never do that. My biggest problem now is that I am afraid to sell it. It’s not that I am afraid of losing money; well, I am to a certain extent, but moreso that I am afraid of screwing something up in my 401k and then not being able to reverse it or get charged astronomical fees.  I know that once I do it, I will feel better.  My feelings are […]

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April 401k, ROTH IRA and Investment Summary

Well looks like my 401k is doing a little better this month. It is now down 19.7%, compared to being down 22.9% last month. Although I feel discouraged still, the recent talk of a merger may bring the stock back up once the final decision is made from the company.  I’m crossing my fingers that it will. Also, something that happened this month was my (and Mr. Money’s) ROTH IRA’s were charged their annual fees. The fee is supposed to be $15 but he got charged $40.  I’ve called, and hopefully they will get that taken care of.  If not, I’ll be moving those because it makes no sense to be paying $40 a year for an annual fee that doesn’t have that much money in the account.  We’re trying to grow money, not subtract from it! Things are still slow, but we’re going to remain optimistic that they will only get better! Tweet

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Getting your Finances in Order before Getting Married

In today’s world where 43% of marriages end in divorce, it is important to make sure you’ve got your finances in order before you tie the knot. The number one cause for divorce today? Money. Before you get married, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you are protecting yourself and your future spouse. Consider having an attorney create a pre nuptial agreement. A pre-nuptial agreement is a contract entered into by the two people getting married. The main purpose of the pre-nuptial agreement is the division of the assets in the event of a divorce. Call it marriage insurance if you will. Try handling a joint account together before you get married. Before my husband and I got married, we kept our separate checking accounts, but started a joint account for bills. At the time, we were making almost the same amount of money, so we’d each contribute the same amount to cover the bills. When rent or the electric bill came due, we would write the check out of that account. It was a […]

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My 401k and Investment Summary

This morning I logged in to check my 401k performance, and I braced myself for the worst.  I knew that I had lost money, but I wasn’t exactly sure of how much.  Right now my portfolio is down 22.9%. Needless to say I am a little bummed.  I am looking at this as a learning experience.  I am still young, but going forward I am going to make sure that I have money for retirement set aside not only in my 401k, but also in a CD or money market account as well. Currently I contribute 6% of my pay to my 401k automatically each month because my employer matches $1.15 per dollar I put in, up to 6%.  It would be crazy if I didn’t do it, because that is free money.  The reason I have so much company stock is because when they match, they put it all into company stock.  Right now I wish I didn’t have that much company stock.  The reason I chose to put so much into the Franklin Templeton Foreign Equity is because […]

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