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401k Rollovers and IRAs- Finally!

The last time I talked about my ROTH IRA, I mentioned how my laziness cost me $115.  Well, I no longer will be losing money due to silly fees at the old brokerage firm.  I finally moved my IRA over to Vanguard and couldn’t be happier! It’s a huge weight off my shoulders and I’m looking forward to contributing as much as I can every month.  It may not be a lot, but I figure every bit counts and the earlier I get the money in there, the more time it has to grow. I also transferred my old pension from working at the bank and Mr. Money’s ROTH IRA to Vanguard as well.  It’s starting to look good!  I feel very optimistic because having everything at one institution just makes sense to me.  The only thing I haven’t done yet is moved over my old 401k from working at the bank and I’m unsure if I’m going to do that.  I know part of it is traditional and part of it is in ROTH. I cannot tell how much […]

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How My Laziness Cost me $115

So back in 2011 I was looking for fee free IRAs. Mr. Money and I both had IRAs at a brokerage firm and the $40 annual fee was eating into our accounts, especially mine that contained around $400.  I said I was going to either move it to a new brokerage firm that had no or low annual fees or move it to ING where it could sit in an IRA savings account.  At least if I did that, I’d be avoiding the $40 annual fee. Well that didn’t happen. Penny was born, life got crazy and I didn’t even think about that IRA after that.  Until last month when I got another bill for $40. Doh.  And now the account balance was roughly $379, since they took out the $40 annual fee for last year.  So I called them up, asked about closing it and moving it over to Capital One 360 so I would avoid penalties and they reminded me of the $75 closing fee.  Yay.  So now I’m down to $264 after the annual fee and closing […]

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