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Living in the Present

Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; but today is a gift, that’s why they call it the ‘present’. I know when you’re deep in debt, have massive savings goals, or even busy with life that it’s hard to remember to enjoy each day as it comes. I will be the first to admit that I am horrible about this. I’m always over planning, over thinking, and contemplating the next move without embracing every day that’s gifted to me. It’s easier said than done, though! How can you learn to live in the present? Here are some ideas: Stop dwelling on the negative When there’s something in your life that’s not going as well as you like it to, it’s easy to let that consume you. Whatever it may be, make a plan to resolve the issue and do the best you can. For example, you’ve gotten yourself in debt and now you’re clawing your way out of it. The first step is realizing you need to get out of debt. The second step is to make a budget and […]

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Having a Baby- Is it Cheaper When You’re Younger, or Older?

Mr. Money and I have babies on the brain.  Despite the obstacles we’ve occurred, we’re determined that we will be parents in one way or another.  One of the reasons we waited to try to have a baby was because we wanted to wait until we were financially secure.  I understand now that you’ll probably never truly be ready to have kids, but we wanted to be as prepared as we could be.  We really wanted to make sure that we were student loan free.  That was something that we didn’t want to negotiate on. Now we’re student loan free and working on trying to have a baby.  It’s so exciting, and it finally feels like the time is right.  I can’t help but wonder if maybe we’ve waited too long now, though.  I’m 26 (I know, young!) but Mr. Money is 33.  What if it takes years to get pregnant?  Yikes.  I do think there are many benefits to waiting to have children, but I also think there are some drawbacks. Pros to having a baby when you’re older […]

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