I’m Thinking About Quitting my Job

Since November, three of my family members have been in and out of the hospital.  First my dad had hernia surgery and stayed at the hospital for a few days.  Then he developed complications once he was home so he went back for a second surgery to correct a hematoma.  Next, my mom developed diverticulitis and spent a few days in the hospital.  After she went home, she discovered that she had a very dangerous infection called “C. diff” and had to go back to the hospital for about a week.  While this all was going on, my sister had to have surgery for what they found to be a tumor on her ovary (she’ll be fine, thank goodness) and spent the night overnight at the hospital.  So that totals five separate hospital visits for three family members.

My mom called yesterday, saying that my dad’s blood pressure was low and that his brother was taking him to the hospital.  Needless to say, they kept him overnight and today we found out he’s got about four things wrong with him including some infection.  My mom is still healing from her bout in the hospital, so she’s not really able to help take care of things around the house, and she’s not able to go be with my dad.

At this point, I feel really helpless because I live too far away and am working full time so it’s not like I can just up and leave and go help them.  I want to be there to help cook and clean, but right now it just doesn’t seem possible.  I’ve been considering quitting my job to go help take care of them.  While this sounds like a great idea, I just don’t think it’s a wise choice right now.  Then I wonder if I’m just being too crazy because we’ll be losing my income and family should come first, not money.  So I’m torn.

Positives of Quitting

-I’d be able to go up and stay with my parents as long as I needed to with no pressure from my employer.  If I need to stay up there a month, fine.  If I need to stay two months, that works too.

-I’d be able to focus on things I love and work towards making those my full time job.  I’d love to make money blogging, selling soap, and maybe even finishing my e-book and selling it.  I’d be free to do as I pleased, and do things I would love after I got done taking care of my parents.

Negatives of Quitting

-We’d lose my health insurance from work.  We’d have to look into finding private health insurance, which could be very expensive and most likely won’t cover pregnancy.  This would create stress.

-I wouldn’t have a job and consistent income once I was done taking care of my parents.

-It probably would take me awhile to get used to not going to work every day.  I’d probably miss the interaction with people.

So, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I want to be there to help my parents, but I just don’t know if it makes sense for me to quit my job.

What do you think I should do?  Is it silly I am even considering quitting my job?


Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m looking forward to a relaxing evening at home because somehow I GOT SICK. Waaaah. I know 2011 will be a better year than 2010. In November and December, both of my parents were in the hospital twice each and even my little sister had surgery and had to stay overnight. It’s not been a great year for them health-wise. It’s been so hard to be living in an area that’s not close enough that I can run home and take care of everyone.

Financially, I think we were pretty successful and I’m happy with the way things are looking for us. I hope that 2011 is just as successful. I’ll be creating my 2011 goals this weekend when I hopefully feel a little better.

I think in 2011 I’m going to share more about natural living on a budget. I have shared many money saving tips, and while they are definitely valuable, there’s only so many things you can do to save money. I’d also like to invite you more into my home and share with you how I do things naturally and on a budget in more of a personal style. I also have become more interested in decorating and making my house a home, so I’ll share some tips and tricks I’ve learned to not break the bank while renovating.

Thanks for reading and being such a wonderful support system. I’ve met so many great people as a result of blogging, and I look forward to all the new friendships I’ll encounter in the next year.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011!


Money is Worthless

Last Monday my father had a hernia operation.  While the surgery itself went well, afterward he experienced some bleeding and developed a hematoma in the incision site.  He has a blood clotting disorder (Protein S deficiency) and is on Coumadin and other drugs that probably contributed to the hematoma.  Last night he had surgery to help drain the blood and get him back on the road to recovery.  The whole day yesterday I spent worried sick about my dad.  The thought of losing him just shattered me.  I would have given all the money I had just to make sure he would be okay.

Money is worthless.  Money can’t keep us warm, it can’t buy love, we can’t eat it to keep us nourished, and sometimes it causes more problems than anything else.  I think about saving money for the future.  I struggle with thinking I don’t have enough money for everything I’ll need in life, and I need to realize that’s okay.  Life is a journey, not a destination.  Money will come and go.

I read something the other day that really hit home.  Everything is perfect and exactly how it should be.  While this seems like such a simple statement, it has really spoken to me.  Instead of worrying about things, I need to embrace them and realize that life is just how it’s meant to be right now.  Even when the situation is not ideal, it’s meant to be.

Every day we are gifted with 24 hours.  How we spend those hours is up to us.  We can’t save them for the future; they must be spent. Time is more valuable than money.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to make you really figure out what’s important.  I am very thankful to have extra time to spend with my dad, and I won’t take that for granted.

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