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Having a Baby- Is it Cheaper When You’re Younger, or Older?

Mr. Money and I have babies on the brain.  Despite the obstacles we’ve occurred, we’re determined that we will be parents in one way or another.  One of the reasons we waited to try to have a baby was because we wanted to wait until we were financially secure.  I understand now that you’ll probably never truly be ready to have kids, but we wanted to be as prepared as we could be.  We really wanted to make sure that we were student loan free.  That was something that we didn’t want to negotiate on. Now we’re student loan free and working on trying to have a baby.  It’s so exciting, and it finally feels like the time is right.  I can’t help but wonder if maybe we’ve waited too long now, though.  I’m 26 (I know, young!) but Mr. Money is 33.  What if it takes years to get pregnant?  Yikes.  I do think there are many benefits to waiting to have children, but I also think there are some drawbacks. Pros to having a baby when you’re older […]

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Putting Money First

I’ve been going back and forth on a decision regarding my job for a few months now. It’s no secret I’m not loving it, and I feel like a sell out for sticking with it. I use the economy as an excuse, and I don’t know if that’s right. I just need to make a decision and be happy with it. Here’s the truth: I’ve been considering going part time and stepping down from my position.  It would (hopefully) be less stress, and I’d have more time to do the things I love.  I recently picked up a copy of Your Money or Your Life, which has been recommended to me many times. I’m hoping that will help me make a decision. Here are the pros to going part time: -Less stress -Change of scenery -More time to do things I love Here are some of the cons to going part time: -Pay cut (maybe $6? an hour) -A lot less money that we could be saving Ultimately, when I do have a baby, I’d like to stay at home […]

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2010 Kentucky Derby Winner

photo credit: Patrick Swint The 2010 Kentucky Derby winner was Super Saver, ridden by Calvin Burrell. Not only does the horse have a frugal name, he just won over $1 million!! 😉  You gotta love that! Tweet

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Dear Mrs. Money

photo credit: juliejordanscott I’m copying my friend Mrs. Accountability and writing a letter to myself in 10 years. Dear Mrs. Money, It’s hard to believe but you are 36 years old now- how did that happen? It seems like the last 36 years have gone by so quickly. And all that time you spent worrying about everything? Was a complete waste of time. You’ve got a few great kids now that mean the world to you, and a loving husband that takes care of the family while you stay at home, managing the children and the household. You are happy. Thankfully, you got out of debt in 2010. Also in that year, you sold your house and moved to Michigan to be closer to family and raise the kids on your farm. It looks like Mr. Money lost his fight on chickens that year too. In addition to chickens, you have a cow for milk, horses to ride, and bunnies for the kids. Your mother and father, sister and brother live in close proximity and share the chores for the […]

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Never Let Friends Borrow Money

photo credit: Cats in trees I’m going to share something very personal, and I hope that you will respect the decision I made at the time, and not tell me what a bad decision I made.  I just hope someone can learn from this. In December, a friend came to me, crying because they were behind on their mortgage due to some uncontrollable circumstances. I was very understanding, went through all the options I could think of with her, and then after she told me that she had done everything she could think of and exhausted her family members, she didn’t know who else to turn to.  And if she didn’t make her two months’ worth of mortgage payments that they would be served a foreclosure notice right before Christmas and she, her husband, and two children would be out of a home. So I lent her $1500 and made the mortgage payments for her because she’s my best friend, and that’s what best friends do if they are able to. The agreement was that she would pay me back […]

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Selling Yourself

photo credit: bradley j Day after day, I dream of selling my house, buying some land in the woods, and living in a cabin, yurt, or tiny house. Yet day after day I continue the lather, rinse, repeat that is my life. Wake up, go to work, work, come home, clean, go to bed.  Often times I feel like my life is unfulfilled; rather, my job is unfulfilled, but it pays really well and I know what I am doing (for the most part). Sometimes I feel like the biggest sell out. I think that one of the best reasons to be frugal is to be able to live on less and have time to do things we love, yet personally I am not able to walk the walk as much as I talk the talk.  I work this job that is okay, not something I’m in love with, but I do it for the money and the benefits. I’ve been thinking about going part time for awhile, and then I sit down and figure out how much money I […]

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