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5 Steps to Lowering Your Insurance Rate

Car insurance is something that we all know is important, but hate paying for it month after month. If your budget is bulging at the seams, you may be wondering if there are any tricks to getting a better rate on your car insurance while still having enough protection. Here are 5 things you can to make sure you have the most competitive rate available.       Review Your Needs – The first things you will need to review when you are planning to look for a better rate on car insurance is your insurance needs. For instance, do you need comprehensive coverage that will pay for costly repairs and see to it that you get another car should yours be stolen or wrecked? This type if coverage is more expensive, so you may want to drop to liability and injury coverage only.       Drop the Expensive Coverage – One money-saving tip, especially if your car is paid off, is to avoid comprehensive and collision policies unless the yearly premium is 10% or below of the Blue Book value of your car. […]

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How To Choose A Business Entity

Of all the choices that you can make when starting up your own business, choosing the right legal structure for your company is the most important. Not only will the legal structure affect the amount of paperwork you do and the personal liability you face, but also affect your taxes. Types Of Business Entities Sole Proprietorship A sole proprietorship is the most common type of business because it is easy to form and gives you complete managerial control. However, it also means that you will be held personally liable for the financial obligations of the business. Partnership A partnership structure involves two or more persons who agree to share the losses and profits that the business incurs. The main advantage of forming a partnership is that your business will not bear the benefit of losses or tax burden of profits, as they are passed on to individual partners. A primary disadvantage of partnerships is that each partner will be held personally liable for the business’s financial obligations. Corporation A corporation is a legal entity made to conduct business. Since it […]

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