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Small Business Loans and Credit

Part of small business finances revolve around loans and credit. Because most small businesses need loans to start up, and periodically through operation, small business owners need to know the options when it comes to credit and loans. From calculating an accurate balance sheet to exploring line of credit options, you should learn these small business finance basics that revolve around borrowing money. Otherwise, you could end up making poor decisions that could cost you your good business credit or your business’s success. Creating a Balance Sheet When assessing your small business’s needs, you need to know how to create a balance sheet. Balance sheets tell you about your business’s health, and clue you in when something’s amiss with your finances. The formula is simple: your owner’s equity plus your liabilities should equal the amount you have in assets. Your assets are both fixed and current, though the current ones should go first on your balance sheet. Current assets are those you could sell within a year or less, making them liquid. Fixed assets are things like investments that will take longer […]

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Flexible, Enjoyable Earning via

You may have volunteered to look after a friend’s dog in the past and enjoyed the experience, but had no idea that you were practicing a marketable skill: Pet owners want dedicated, loving caregivers for their pets, and they’re willing to pay well. Launching a business on your own would be a daunting proposal. The good news is that takes all the busywork out of pet-sitting. Finding clients, scheduling, and communication couldn’t be easier with the site and app. Better yet, you can set your own rates and hours. In Your Own Home Boarding is a great option if you have a pet-friendly home and want to welcome guests for overnights or extended stays. You can let owners know what your neighborhood is like, where you’ll take their dogs, and what kinds of adventures you’ll have. You get to know their pup and incorporate them into your everyday life. Whether you work from home or hold a day job, you can offer wonderful, comprehensive care that owners will appreciate and pets will love. Daycare is for pups who need […]

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Financial Advice and Its Role in Investment Success

Investing is filled with choices, jargon and complexity. This can be overwhelming and often prevents people from starting in the first place. Luckily, you don’t need to do this all alone. You can improve your chances of a successful investment by consulting a good financial advisor. Financial advisors do more than merely pick products or find the best performing unit trusts or investments, they help with your long-term financial planning. They can provide you with the experience and objectivity you need to traverse the investment landscape. Financial advisors can help you make important decisions, therefore it is important to find someone you can trust. They help to formulate a plan that suits your long-term goals and can steer you away from the pitfalls usually associated with investing on your own. Independent financial advisors can: Help formulate a plan A critical component to achieving financial success is a carefully crafted plan. You need to identify your goals and how to get there, which can be difficult for the first time investor. Financial advisors can develop a practical plan to suit your risk profile and […]

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