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Tips to Boost your Car’s Efficiency on the Road

Your car’s efficiency will contribute greatly to its running costs, but no matter what your official mileage looks like you can make the most of your vehicle. Keeping a car in good shape and adjusting your driving style can work wonders towards improving efficiency, so keep the following tips in mind to boost your mileage. Keep Tyres Well Maintained One of the first factors that will greatly influence real world efficiency is whether or not your tyres are inflated. Keeping them aligned and inflated can drastically reduce the amount of drag your car’s engine must contend with. Low rolling resistance tyres can improve efficiency by as much as one or two percent. These come as standard features on many new cars, or you could purchase a set for an older car. Yet no matter what type of tyre you have, keeping it inflated fully will reduce drag and resistance. Keep an Eye on the Fuel Economy As you drive, keep an eye on your efficiency. Take note of the odometer reading and the number of gallons that you’re purchasing at […]

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Southwest credit card offers and My Quest of Juggling between my Family and My Job

About a year ago, I was scouted for a great job opportunity that I simply could not pass up. The only problem was that I had to leave home. Since it was the middle of the school year, we decided that I would go ahead while my wife and kids would finish the school year. Needless to say, I didn’t much like the idea of not being with my family and quickly realized that I needed to get home at least every weekend. One of my new co-workers suggested that I look into Southwest credit card offers so that I could earn something while flying back and forth so often. Since Southwest offered the best flights for me, I looked into the cards and quickly discovered that the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card was perfect. To start with, I received two points for every $1 spent on Southwest Airlines and AirTran when I purchased the tickets directly from the airline. Using Southwest’s online booking tool is fast and easy, so it was never a problem to earn my bonus […]

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