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How to stand out in the busy world of online retail business

It’s a necessary, but daunting task. A small business has a loyal following, but it needs to launch into the online world in order to stay competitive. So, where to start? Standing out in the busy world of online retail business can be a challenge, but following a few tips along the way can make a big difference. Social and traditional media Assuming that a solid website is already in place, the key to making a small business stand out online is attracting visitors to it. One of the easiest ways of doing that is through social media. Most customers of a small business have a Facebook or Twitter account, which is an obvious first place to start. Use Facebook to invite customers and potential customers to like the small business’ page and interact with those people through posting photos and leaving comments. Social media is important, but don’t forget about traditional media. That means building upon existing relationships with local journalists and bloggers and working to develop new relationships. To get a prominent news website or blog link to […]

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Holidays on a Budget – East Coast

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Even if your career and budget are in great order, life won’t be as fun as it could be without a trip away from the home and office every now and then. Budget-conscious folks frequently set aside money for the purpose of getaways. The problem comes when they blow it all on trips that are just too expensive. If you live on the East Coast, or plan to visit this side of the county in the near future, there are plenty of ways to have fun and relax without breaking the bank. For you game theorists and card sharks out there, Caesars Casino Games NJ may be an option for saving up and spending a vacation budget in one fell swoop. For the rest of us, options like these will be the best choice: 1) Treehouse Camping. Sometimes the beaten paths and tourist traps don’t provide the most memorable experiences. Camping is a great, inexpensive activity to spend with a significant other or with your whole family. The east coast […]

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