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What to Do Financially When You’re Diagnosed with a Serious Illness – Would You Turn to Personal Debt Solutions?

According to a report by Macmillan Cancer Care, families earning average wages with average outgoings end up £200 in debt each month if an adult is diagnosed with a disease such as cancer. The report was discussed in a recent news article, and said that the average family is left with around £365 (8032.85 South African Rand) each month after paying for necessities such as bills, food and everyday travel. Macmillan Cancer Support chief executive Lynda Thomas commented on the report, saying: “At a time when thousands of families are struggling to make ends meet, a cancer diagnosis can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, sending them into financial freefall.” Avoid Loan Sharks Many people turn to loan sharks to try and make ends meet. The trouble with this is that unlicensed loan sharks can often get you the money quickly but charge huge interest rates as a result and cannot always be held accountable. They are law-breakers, and can demand unreasonable repayments and deadlines, which can only elevate stress levels higher on an already delicate and anxious […]

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A Guide To Online Trading For Beginner Investors At XTrade

If you feel overwhelmed trying to learn online trading strategies, just think about how the stock options and Forex guys at XTrade feel. There are some options trading strategies with some odd names, and Forex IS as complicated as quantum physics. Maybe I’m old school, but the stock market itself is where the thrill is for me, and there is plenty of money making moves to pursue, without subjecting yourself to gambling-style investment ethics. Your Online Trading Options Do you think Warren Buffet invests in Forex? He surely plays foreign markets in one way or another, but the man isn’t a day trader. He’s the buy and hold strategist after all. It’s not just trading strategies but stock market terminology you must learn. Are you familiar with penny stocks? I can tell you 100 percent that I have made good money on online trading at XTrade, but buying penny stocks isn’t always going to be the best strategy. Remember that a penny stock is any stock under five dollars, not just stocks for pennies that are under a dollar. Still, if you talk to the people that invest […]

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