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If I take out Health Insurance am I Covered Immediately?

It’s a requirement of the Affordable Care Act for you to have health insurance or face paying a penalty. The question is, once you have purchased health insurance how soon are you actually covered? If you have to have health insurance then you’re going to want to be covered by it as soon as possible; you’ll need to make sure that you’re provided for should you encounter any health problems. This is especially the case given the high costs of health care today. I’m buying a policy so when will it start? The health insurance market place was created as place for people to be able to purchase affordable health insurance during a certain period each year (the enrollment period). If you buy your health insurance at the marketplace then the date it starts is dictated by the date on which you make the purchase. Normally if you buy your health insurance policy between the first day of the annual enrollment period and the third week in December then the policy will come into effect on the first day of […]

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Tips When Applying for a Small Business Loan

When you are applying for a small business loan, lenders look at your credit. Since the business is likely owned only by you, no other factors play a significant role in credit worthiness. Lenders take several items into consideration, with the three most relevant being discussed below. View your Credit Report First Before you even complete a loan application it is important to review your personal credit report. If it is not perfect or near perfect, work on correcting the entries by making payment arrangements on larger sums. Pay off small balances first. This will help to quickly improve your credit score. When a potential lender sees that you are making payments on larger sums, it shows financial responsibility in the efforts to recover your good credit standing. Have a Specific Business Plan in Place When you approach a lender for a small business loan, they need to see that you have a proper business plan. The plan should discuss the type of business it is, why the area needs your specific business, the potential for profit and how you […]

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