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Forex Lessons for 2016

As the new year is now upon us, many Forex traders are looking back and appreciating the lessons learned during 2015. This is critical for anyone who hopes to take advantage of the most liquid marketplace in the world. Failing to take such lessons to heart will inevitably result in stagnation and falling profits. Let us therefore take a quick look at some of the enlightenment that 2015 has provided and how such information can be applied during the coming 12 months. Failing to Watch the News Some traders became caught up in what is known in some circles as the “do-or-die” syndrome. To put it another way, watching the charts and the relationship between two currency pairs alone took precedent over a more well-rounded approach. Keeping up to date with the latest news at it occurs has always been one of the defining principles behind any successful Forex trader. As opposed to having to browse disparate news and information portals, CMC Markets has provided a centralised feed which can be paired directly with one’s live trading platform. This will […]

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How to Prepare Your Parents for End of Life Finances

Preparing for your death is never a nice topic. Many people avoid it exactly for that reason. And that’s where financial problems happen due to unexpected bills and a failure to prepare for what happens after death. You can prepare your parents, though. Here are some of the aspects you need to address when it comes to end of life finances. Write a Will If you haven’t already, you should have them write a will. This is crucial for ensuring all the family assets are divided up appropriately. It creates a whole trunk of legal complications if this doesn’t happen in the beginning. It can take many months to sort the problem out. Here’s what will happen if you don’t have this crucial contract drawn up. Legally, the state takes over where a will doesn’t exist. At this point, the problem is on you to prove that you are the desired person to inherit. You will have to attend probate court and the process can take about a year to sort out. This is assuming you don’t have any siblings […]

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