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7 Rules for Making Your Charitable Contribution Count on Your Tax Return

There are a variety of reasons to make a donation to charity. Most times, individuals do it because it feels good. Others may think that any contribution to those less fortunate is a guaranteed benefit on your taxes. Before you part ways with your money, there are important rules you need to follow to ensure that your donation counts. Itemize Your Deductions There are a number of requirements to becoming financially independent such as hard work and saving money. If you’ve achieved financial success, you may be fortunate to be able to give back to those in need. To ensure that your donation counts on your taxes, you need to fill out schedule A on your tax return. Keeping good records throughout the year allows you to remember those who you’ve assisted. Choose Wisely You may find a number of causes that are near and dear to your heart. Beyond writing a check, fun functions such as running a charity 5K race directly assists those in need. You could also purchase raffle tickets at a charity auction or attend a […]

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Three Reasons Why Good Credit History is Important in a Failing Economy

The greater flexibility and enhanced purchasing power that good credit may provide can be an essential asset, especially during a down market or periods of economic difficulty. The numerous consequences of bad credit and past financial mistakes is not a concern that should be taking lightly. Having a poor credit history can make life difficult in ways that many individuals fail to consider. The following three reasons serve to highlight the importance of building and maintaining a good credit history. One: Minimizing Potential Problems Through Increased Purchasing Power Lacking the financial resources needed to ensure prompt action may be taken in order to resolve future problems and issues can lead to no end of complications. Those whose purchasing power may be limited to only the costs they can afford to pay out of pocket can find themselves in a very difficult situation when it comes to: Automotive repairs Medical costs  Household maintenance and upkeep Good credit means enhanced purchasing power and the greater flexibility that may be required to deal with any problems that may be lurking just over the horizon. Two: Addressing […]

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