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Reasons Why the Top 1% Should Be More Involved Within the Community

The richest people in the world are often targeted for a variety of reasons. While some can attribute the disdain to jealousy, it’s usually the actions and comments of those with money that gets the most attention. Although there are a few individuals that make headlines now and then for their generosity, there could be more that can be done. Why would it be in the best interests of these wealthy people to connect deeper to communities? Marketing Advantages From a capitalist’s point of view, the marketing aspect of being generous should be cause enough to donate large sums of money. When a wealthy individual donates or helps raise funds for an organization, many times it’s covered by the media. Not only does this highlight the person’s name as a donor, but it’s shameless advertising for the companies that this person is involved. This doesn’t have to be seen as a negative aspect when you consider the ramifications of what it could entail. For instance, it could be a superb method to raise awareness for a charity or help kickstart […]

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Is It A Good Idea To Take Advantage Of A Gold IRA Rollover?

Today’s market seems like a great place to invest. Throughout the past several years, we’ve seen a recovery like no other. However, one big question seems to be popping up everywhere. That question is, “Can the bull market sustain itself, or are we going to see the bears coming in soon?” That’s a serious question when you start to think about your retirement investments. The reality is that if you’re in a traditional IRA and the bears do come rolling in, you could lose a good amount of money you were planning on using for retirement. So, today, we’re going to take a look at 3 major factors to see if the bears are coming soon; if so, a gold IRA rollover might just be a good idea after all. Analyzing Market Sustainability When I analyze whether or not the market will continue to move in the same direction, I like to look at current activity in the stock market, worldwide economic conditions, and geopolitical conditions. So, let’s see what’s going on with the three main factors. Current Activity In […]

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