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Tips When Applying for a Small Business Loan

When you are applying for a small business loan, lenders look at your credit. Since the business is likely owned only by you, no other factors play a significant role in credit worthiness. Lenders take several items into consideration, with the three most relevant being discussed below. View your Credit Report First Before you even complete a loan application it is important to review your personal credit report. If it is not perfect or near perfect, work on correcting the entries by making payment arrangements on larger sums. Pay off small balances first. This will help to quickly improve your credit score. When a potential lender sees that you are making payments on larger sums, it shows financial responsibility in the efforts to recover your good credit standing. Have a Specific Business Plan in Place When you approach a lender for a small business loan, they need to see that you have a proper business plan. The plan should discuss the type of business it is, why the area needs your specific business, the potential for profit and how you […]

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Finding Financial Help When You Need It

Even the most skilled deal finders among us can run into financial trouble from time to time. So, instead of feeling bad and ashamed, try to feel proactive. What matters, after all, is not how you got here. You can’t do anything about that now, you’re here. What matters is what you’re going to do about it and how you’re going to put everything back together. For many people, this means finding a professional to help them get back on track. There are a wide range of financial professionals who can help you take control of your money and in this article we’re going to teach you how to find the best person to help you get your financial situation under control, whether that person is a financial planner, a credit repair expert, or a lawyer. #1. Your Situation Matters More Than Their Ego Some professionals are more interested in padding their bottom lines than they are in actually helping the client who is sitting right in front of them. They create a series of action plans that are based […]

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