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Chart Your Success – 3 Forex Chart Mistakes to Avoid

With up to $5 trillion worth of foreign exchange trades occurring daily, you won’t be surprised to learn that the Forex markets can be a lucrative place to do business. With many new online trading platforms such as ETX Capital, it is easier than ever to get involved and to try your hand at stock trading, making money without leaving your house! In this high stakes arena, there’s the potential for huge gains, but also for heavy losses. So, what can you do to optimise your chances of success? Traders use charts to monitor the markets and to help inform decisions about when to buy or sell stock. Being able to read these charts effectively is of critical importance and here are three tips to help you avoid making mistakes and thus losing money. See the Bigger Picture – Chart Time Frames Charts show you what is happening to stock prices over time and you can change the time frame you are looking at, So, for example, you can look at a charts progress over one minute, five minutes or an […]

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The New Help to Buy ISA: A Win-Win Situation for First Time Buyers

In 2013 came the Help to Buy scheme, a government initiative to help first time buyers secure a home with just a five per cent deposit. What followed was many first time buyers using the scheme to purchase their first homes, and the Help to Buy scheme has generally been well received. However, many people who want to take advantage of the Help to Buy scheme are still struggling to raise enough money for a deposit. In recognition of this, from the 1st December 2015, first time buyers can now open a Help to Buy ISA which exists to support people who are saving for the deposit on their first home. ‘A No-brainer’ According to Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis, the Help to Buy ISA is ‘a no-brainer if you’re a first time buyer saving for a mortgage deposit’. With the new ISA, first time buyers can earn up to 4% interest tax-free, with the government adding an extra 25% on top of this. The Help to Buy ISAs are effectively allowing those saving for their first deposit to maximise […]

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