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Top 10 Ways to Become Financially Independent

Pop quiz: To be wealthy is to A) have a handsome salary or B) have absolute control over your time. If you picked A you’re…. wrong. The truly wealthy, those that are truly financially independent, are those who have the ability to do whatever they want whenever they want without having to worry about the consequences. Even the professional footballer making millions of pounds a year has to show up for practice at a certain time and be on the plane with the rest of the team before it leaves for the big match in Munich. Whereas the guy who owns a chain of pizza restaurants, a car park, a convenience store along with some stocks and bonds is lounging on a beach in the Bahamas with no one to answer to and no alarm clock to bother him in the morning. From Working Hard to Not Working Achieving financial independence is not as complicated as one might think. What it takes is a willingness to embrace the mundane, a long term plan and the ability to stick to that plan. If you have those 3 things you stand […]

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How to raise money to start your own business

Self-employment in the UK is at the highest level since records began and job uncertainty and low wages is prompting more people to ditch conventional employment in favour of starting their own business. If you fancy turning your dream of becoming your own boss into a reality but you don’t have the cash to get it off the ground, here’s a few tips that might help you on your way. 1. Look at ways you can save money It might surprise you to learn this but it is possible to save money simply by cutting back on your outgoings. You can do this without earning any extra money if you are stringent and frugal with your approach. Make a list of all your outgoings such as food, insurance, travel costs, leisure activities, phone and internet costs etc. Cut your food costs by eating out at restaurants and cafes less, shopping in cheaper supermarkets and swapping ready meals for homemade dishes. See if you can get better deals on phone or TV packages and cut your travel costs by walking as […]

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