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Capped Out Payday Loans

Author: John Lynch A payday loan is a financial tool. Like all tools, financial or otherwise, used responsibly and in the way for which it was intended, it works well. Unfortunately, for borrowers and lenders alike, that’s not always what happens; sometimes borrowers use payday loans for purposes they were never intended to serve. When that takes place, when, for example, borrowers use payday loans as long-term financial instruments, people can often find themselves in straitened budgetary circumstances. Payday lenders understand this and they’ve vigorously warned their customers against ill-advised use of their loans. Regrettably, such warnings don’t always dissuade customers from using short-term loans for extended periods of time. Blaming the product When consumer advocacy groups see the distressed situations some borrowers get themselves into, they don’t attribute the problem to user error. Instead they automatically assume that there’s something wrong with the product itself—that the way loans are structured in effect force borrowers into a financial tailspin. The main fault consumer advocates see with payday loans is the amount of interest that lenders charge for loans. They claim […]

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Management Skills Crucial for Healthy Cashflow

Has your business got what it takes to succeed in the burgeoning UK economy? Improvements in the economic situation can be greeted with relief but did you realise how growth can also be a problem for many SMEs in the UK? Effective cashflow management is crucial at all times, but particularly when a business is negotiating and managing growth. Without healthy cashflow, business growth is stalled and may be affected for years to come. Using effective management skills for your business is one way to successfully enhance cashflow. How to Make Business Growth Ideas a Reality: Focus on Cashflow Many business owners have a wealth of business ideas but lack the key management expertise to get them flying off the ground. It is usually more attractive and exciting to plan new concepts and line up new aims than it is to focus on the day-to-day management of the company but it is through using skills in this area that is essential to driving business growth. For example, managers who can successfully spot cashflow problems in advance and put strategies in […]

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