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In your 30s? You Should Be Planning for the Future!

There is never a time in life when there is not competing demands for your income. In college days, money can sometimes be tight, though student loans are designed to fund education. It is widely accepted that career prospects improve with graduation. Student loans need to be repaid and that commitment must be factored into a personal budget. In the early days of a working life there will be other bills to pay and while there are no convenient way of lending these days only without credit check lenders can bring some luck for you with slight high interest rates ; often monthly rent if the job has taken you away from home to a new city. However, after a decade of working, you should be in reasonable control of your finances and your monthly pay check much healthier than when you started out. It is the time to really plan for the future if you haven’t done already. Your student debt should have gone down; ideally it is fully paid off, but at least it is not the most […]

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Your Essential Guide to Logbook Loans: What are They, and What are Their Benefits?

There are many different kinds of loans consumers can apply for, but one of the most popular, especially when it comes to emergency situations where you need money in a short time, is a logbook loan. If you’ve heard about logbook loans but aren’t quite sure what they really are and how they can benefit you, here’s what you should know – your essential guide to logbook loans: what are they, and what are their benefits? How a logbook loan works: the basics When it comes to loans, the principle behind logbook loans is actually quite simple: if you have a car or other type of vehicle, you can use your vehicle as the ‘collateral’ for a loan. As the name ‘logbook loan’ implies, you simply have to give your vehicle’s logbook or registration to the lender when you take out a logbook loan. The lender will hold your vehicle’s logbook until you are able to repay the loan in full, with interest. Of course, one requirement is that you are the registered owner of the vehicle, hence the surrendering […]

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