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Are Blinds The 2015 Answer To Double Glazing?

Cast your mind back a couple of decades ago and two words were running off the tongue of most governmental authorities and home improvement experts; double glazing. This was the big concept back then and while it had been around a number of years, it’s only fairly recently that there was a big push to get it installed in most homes around the country. The reasons are simple; double glazing shreds your energy bills. It offers significant thermal savings and in an age where our energy charges are always on the rise, this is of upmost importance. The science was fairly straightforward to follow as well which obviously helped its caused, with the extra layer unsurprisingly providing a further barrier against the elements. However, we’re now reaching an era where further improvements are being suggested. As you may have gathered from the title, window blinds fall into this category and are arguably the 2015 equivalent to what double glazing was “back in the day”. More and more people are suggesting them and if we start to scrutinize the energy savings, it’s no surprise why. A lot of the fuss […]

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The Priorities within a Mechanics Lien

When a judge has to enforce a ruling and the debtor in the case owns real estate property, then recording liens and ensuring the priority of the lien is clear is of tremendous importance. In theory, when a debtor has sufficient equity in their property, the property should be refinanced in order to pay the money that is owed. Alternatively, the creditor may agree to have the money paid to them once the property is sold. In most cases, the first person to have recorded a lien will be the winners.  However, it is very important to seek legal advice about this if you do have any concerns about a mechanics lien. First to Record The idea of the first to record a lien being the winner is because liens are recorded in chronological order. Hence, the first lien is ranked superior to any others. Some legal professionals will refer to these as the “senior liens”. So long as the senior lien is also valid, then all the other liens will have to wait their turn. So, for instance, if […]

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