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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a road trip? There’s a special kind of freedom that comes with packing up your car, creating the perfect playlist as an accompaniment, and setting out for parts unknown. Whether you take a summer trip or head off in the cooler weather of fall, there is no denying that a road trip is fun for everyone, from families to groups of friends. However, unless you plan very carefully, the expenses associated with a road trip can easily spiral out of control. This can be doubly complicated if you’re splitting expenses with other members of your group, and no one wants squabbles over money to ruin the experience. Whether you’re hitting the road to see the quirkiest diner’s in the American Midwest, or you’re driving up to New England for lobster rolls and drool-worthy fall foliage, these are some great tips to help you save money along the way, and make sure you all enjoy the ride. 1. Take Care of Your Car Before you head out, you should make an appointment with your mechanic to have a […]

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Tips for Getting Out of Debt

Almost everyone has debt. Whether it’s from credit cards, student loans, mortgage, or other types of loans, people have debt. Many people are looking to pay off their debts. This can be a really difficult thing, but a lot of people know what simply paying the minimum amount means they will end up paying way more in the long run. What can you do to get yourself out of debt? The first thing you have to realize is that everyone is in a different situation. This means that there is no universal, step by step instruction booklet out there.  Everyone is different. However, some of the key ideas are the same. If you want to get out of debt, you should: Make a Budget Making a budget lets you know how much you spend every month. It helps you figure out how much you can save every month too. When you know how much you can save, you have a better chance of building up your savings account, which will help you pay off your debt. Get More Money Getting […]

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