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Smart Ways to Save on Household Expenses

If you’ve ever run a household of your own, then you would know that it’s an expensive and effort-filled endeavor. Groceries are one regular expense you will always have. Another expense on your list of priorities are your utilities like your electricity and water bills. However, if you’re resourceful, there are many creative and effective ways in which you can minimize or reduce the cost. Take your cue from the following tips: Choose a bundle plan. If you have Internet, cable, and phone services, then you’re better off bundling all these services. Choose just one provider for these services and you can get huge discounts. Not only would you have only one bill to pay but you’d also have access to all sorts of offers and customer rebates that will make the package even better. Cut back on unnecessary expenses. Do you really need that subscription to premium cable? How about that landline when all your family members already have mobile phones? If you can do with basic cable services and if you’re entire household’s fine with using just their […]

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7 Rules for Making Your Charitable Contribution Count on Your Tax Return

There are a variety of reasons to make a donation to charity. Most times, individuals do it because it feels good. Others may think that any contribution to those less fortunate is a guaranteed benefit on your taxes. Before you part ways with your money, there are important rules you need to follow to ensure that your donation counts. Itemize Your Deductions There are a number of requirements to becoming financially independent such as hard work and saving money. If you’ve achieved financial success, you may be fortunate to be able to give back to those in need. To ensure that your donation counts on your taxes, you need to fill out schedule A on your tax return. Keeping good records throughout the year allows you to remember those who you’ve assisted. Choose Wisely You may find a number of causes that are near and dear to your heart. Beyond writing a check, fun functions such as running a charity 5K race directly assists those in need. You could also purchase raffle tickets at a charity auction or attend a […]

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