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Reading People: Pay Attention to Actions, not Words

When we watch a film, we’re mostly aware that the people we are watching are actors playing characters. That awareness is usually heightened when it’s a bad film filled with bad actors. In real life, we’re all guilty of doing the something similar. Very rarely do we let people see who we actually are – we put up a facade, acting in ways that society mostly expects us to act in. The trouble is, many of us are bad actors – especially when we get emotional. This is why, when it comes to reading people, it always pays to pay attention to what people do, rather than what they say. Anyone can say they are the most fearless person on the planet, but very few can act that way – especially when they see a large hairy spider. The Machiavellian Principle How often do you hear unscrupulous politicians referred to as “Machiavellian” ? Do you know what that means? Well, it is named after the Italian historian and philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli, whose seminal work, The Prince, described how people and […]

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Using promo codes and bonuses to your advantage

If you want to be savvy with your money, you should be checking the internet regularly to discover promotions and deals. Here are some great ideas that will help you spend less and gain more! Bingo If you love playing online slots and bingo, you should check Gala Bingo to see when they have promotions on. Look out for extra bonuses and deals like ‘Refer a Friend’ where you can earn money when your friends sign up. Sometimes Gala Bingo give you money to play with when you spend a certain amount, for example they might give you £40 when you spend £10. You can also earn loyalty points called Buzz Points. 500 Buzz Points will get you 50p to spend on the site. Follow the Gala Bingo Twitter account to keep up to date with their promotions. Groupon Groupon offer deals on everything from beauty treatments to cinema trips. The idea is that companies offer discounts because they know thousands of people use Groupon and will take advantage of the offer. Have you ever bought anything online and […]

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