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Playing the market, playfully

Some people like to play with their money, and some people like to play more seriously than others. Different folks, different strokes, we’re not here to judge – as long as everyone pays their taxes and generally behaves in an ethical manner. Ordinarily we would not spend a lot of time talking about gambling, but Financial Spread Betting (FSB) is not your everyday gamble. In fact, it’s one part gamble, one part investment. On that basis, we thought it was worth bringing to your attention; that and the fact that it is weirdly quite fascinating. What is FSB? In a nutshell, it’s a way to bet on the stock market. At its simplest, you pick a stock or a currency and you place a bet on whether you think it might rise or fall. If it goes the way you’ve predicted, you win. If it doesn’t, you lose. Simple! Obviously, it is possible to research different markets and the businesses whose shares trade on them in a way that is far more rigorous and scientific than an ordinary bet. The […]

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Reasons Why the Top 1% Should Be More Involved Within the Community

The richest people in the world are often targeted for a variety of reasons. While some can attribute the disdain to jealousy, it’s usually the actions and comments of those with money that gets the most attention. Although there are a few individuals that make headlines now and then for their generosity, there could be more that can be done. Why would it be in the best interests of these wealthy people to connect deeper to communities? Marketing Advantages From a capitalist’s point of view, the marketing aspect of being generous should be cause enough to donate large sums of money. When a wealthy individual donates or helps raise funds for an organization, many times it’s covered by the media. Not only does this highlight the person’s name as a donor, but it’s shameless advertising for the companies that this person is involved. This doesn’t have to be seen as a negative aspect when you consider the ramifications of what it could entail. For instance, it could be a superb method to raise awareness for a charity or help kickstart […]

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