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Can an MBA Help You as a Small Business Owner?

You may have noticed that it is now easier than ever to enroll for an MBA course. Thanks to colleges like Washington State University offering an online executive MBA course, you no longer have to relocate to get your masters in business or cut into your life with your studies more than you want to. In effect, an online executive masters in business administration means that it is entirely possible for you to do a course like this while also running your business. However, do you really need to spend time doing this? Aren’t MBAs more for people who are seeking executive level employment rather than for entrepreneurs? Well, actually there are a lot of reasons why doing an online executive MBA program can be a good move for those who run SMEs. Filling Your Own Skills Gaps When most of us start a business, there are weaknesses in what we know. Usually, we know a lot about the industry or area we choose to work in, but may not know about some other elements of making a business successful, […]

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5 of the Highest Paying Accountancy Jobs in the United States

If you’re good with numbers and you see yourself working within an office environment throughout your career, landing a job in the accountancy industry will do you many favors. Not only does the industry offer many career opportunities in various sectors and industries but you’ll also find it’s much easier to get onto the accountancy career ladder when compared with other careers. If you’re looking for reasons to start a career as an accountant, have a look at some of the salaries on offer from some of the highest paying accountancy jobs available. 1. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Becoming a CFO isn’t going to come without its challenges and you’ll need to be at least an accountant manager with a host of experience serving the industry. However, with a median salary of $120,449 on offer, setting targets to become a CFO in the future will pay dividends. You’ll oversee all financial operations and it’s you who’ll make the important decisions to take the business forward. 2. Accounting Professor If you feel that a teaching role is more up your street, […]

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