Natural Allergy Remedies: Natural Remedies for Hay Fever

This fall is turning out to be horrible for my allergies! I’ve suffered from headaches, a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and a scratchy throat.  We live in one of the worst places to live if you have allergies.  I am so ready to move! Unfortunately, it seems like everyone I talk to is suffering (or knows someone who is) from bad allergies this year.

Rather than toss back Claritin, I’ve tried to find some natural allergy remedies.  What’s nice about natural allergy remedies is that instead of masking the symptoms, you are actually treating the causes of the allergies.

Natural Allergy Remedies

1. Local honey.  Local honey works as a natural allergy remedy because it introduces pollen into your body naturally.  It’s best if it’s super local because then you know you are getting your system introduced to local pollen and allergens.  When your body ingests small amounts of pollen, your natural defenses are stimulated, which helps your body naturally fight.  Not only does honey work well for allergies, it also tastes great!

2. Neti Pots. Neti Pots (which look like a genie’s lamp) work by flushing everything out of your sinuses.  All of the allergens are rinsed away by a saline solution.  Figuring out how to use a neti pot is probably the most difficult part.  Once you get the hang of how to use a neti pot, you’ll be glad you did!

3. Quercetin . Quercitin is naturally found in the skin of apples and red onions. It is a powerful anti oxidant, natural anti histamine, and anti inflammatory.Quercetin can also help with fatigue, depression, and anxiety.  If you want to try using quercetin for allergies, you can try eating more apples and raw red onions or you can take a supplement of quercetin.

4. Stinging Nettles. Stinging nettles grow naturally as weeds in many areas. Stinging nettles work best to help allergies when you make a strong infusion of tea. You can buy stinging nettles in bulk in many health food stores. To make stinging nettle tea, take boiling water and pour it over a tablespoon of nettles. Let the tea set overnight to release all the benefits of the nettles. You can drink the nettle tea either hot or cold. Sweeten with honey and you’ve got double the allergy-fighting benefits!

5. Acupuncture.  Acupuncture can be used to help treat many different conditions from allergies to anxiety.  An acupuncturist treats symptoms by setting tiny needles in meridians in the body and opening up the energy flow.  Acupuncture can be very beneficial for all kinds of different symptoms, so when you have an acupuncture treatment, you may get more than you bargained for! You may be treated for other issues that you hadn’t planned on!

Allergies can be frustrating, but when you deal with allergies using natural allergy remedies, you’re doing your body a favor by not loading it with drugs.  Natural remedies are good for your body, your health, and even the environment!  If you’re suffering from seasonal allergies, give these tips a try, and be sure to let me know how they work for you!

Have you used natural allergy remedies?  How do you deal with seasonal allergies?


9 Unique uses for Borax

Borax is a naturally occurring substance that is mined from the Mojave desert and other US States.  While borax is a natural substance, care should be taken when using borax.  It has been known to cause skin irritation in some people.  I use gloves when my skin is going to come into contact with it.  Better to be safe than sorry!  While mining the borax is not the most environmentally friendly option, it’s still greener than using normal toxic cleaners.  I buy borax now to make laundry detergent and clean my house, but there are many more uses for borax than that!  Here are some tips on how to use borax.

-Borax can be a natural flea killer. Sprinkle borax on your carpet, let it sit for a couple hours, and then vacuum up! Make sure you vacuum well so you don’t leave any behind.

-If you have an ant or roach problem, try mixing powdered sugar or honey with borax and leaving it in the problem area. The pests will be attracted to the sweetness, eat it and die from the gas caused by the borax!

-Borax is safe and effective as a natural drain cleaner. Mix one cup of borax with a half gallon of boiling water, pour down the drain, and wait. It will help remove grease from your drain! Borax is a great substitute for lye. It works just as well and is much easier to find. Lye is caustic and dangerous, and borax is not.

-Are you looking for a great toilet cleaner? Sprinkle one half of a cup of borax in your toilet and let it sit one hour. Go back and scrub the toilet with the solution. Your toilet will be sparkling clean and odor free!

-Do you avoid flame retardants in your children’s clothing? You can use borax to make the clothes naturally flame retardant. Mix 9 ounces of borax and 4 ounces of boric acid in a bucket with one gallon of water. Dip the item of clothing in the solution and hang dry. Since it’s a natural flame retardant, it will wash out in the wash, so do keep that in mind.

-Remove rust stains from your bathtub by mixing together borax and lemon juice to make a paste. Rub on the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes if it doesn’t remove right away.

-Do you have hard water? Borax can be used to soften water. Add 1 Tablespoon per quart of water to soften. Soft water will make soaps and shampoos work much better!

-Searching for a natural weed killer? Place borax in cracks and near the base of weeds you want to kill. Of course, be careful to not get borax near plants you want to keep as it will kill them!

-Borax is great for deodorizing. Use it in litter boxes, garbage pails, diaper genies, and other areas you want smell free. You can use borax in a similar way as baking soda; just be careful to not handle it too much.

Borax is an inexpensive cleaner that’s great to keep on hand. Pick up a box and keep it in your laundry room. You never know when you will need it!

Do you use borax? What have you used it for?


The Best All Natural Body Care Products

I know many people are too busy or just don’t want to make their own beauty products, and that’s fine. I can totally understand that.  Rachel emailed me last week asking what all natural body care products I prefer.  I thought I would share my recommendations with everyone.


Aubrey Organics Egyptian Henna Shampoo

Aubrey Organics is the most natural line of body care products I have found. They use all natural ingredients, and they are all things I can recognize and pronounce. The shampoo works fabulously and smells yummy!


Aubrey Organics Green Tea Cream Rinse
The cream rinse leaves your hair feeling smooth and conditioned, yet weightless. It doesn’t coat your hair with silicones like other conditioners.  It’s paraben free as well.

Body Wash or Soap

We use Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Soap for body wash in the shower. We prefer plain bar soap to body wash. Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap is very versatile and can be used to do laundry and clean as well!

Body Wash

Giovanni Cleanse Body Wash is very natural, foams up well, and smells yummy!

Face Wash

Eminence Organics Citrus Exfoliating Wash is the best face wash I’ve ever used.  Eminence Organics is a completely natural, organic, and sustainable company. Their products are truly amazing, and if I ever buy body care products, I buy Eminence. It’s a little pricey, but definitely worth it.

Face Moisturizer

Jojoba Oil is so versatile that you can use it on your face as a moisturizer or even in your hair. It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly into your skin.

Body Lotion

Aubrey Organics Collagen & Almond Enriching Moisturizing Lotionis a fantastic body lotion. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling moisturized and not sticky. The scent is also heavenly!


Silken Earth Makeup. I don’t wear makeup, but if I was going to, it would be this one.

Natural Mascara
Larenim Mineralash Mascara is a product that I have used in the past and can definitely recommend.

Those are all products that I think are fabulous if you don’t have time or aren’t interested in making your own body care products.  All of the links above go directly to Amazon, where you can learn more about each product and even purchase them if you’d like.  If you do, you help support the site as those are affiliate links.  Thank you!

Do you use all natural body care products?

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