2014 Goals Review

Happy New Year!!  I cannot believe it is 2015. I feel like I just wrote our 2014 goals!  For the past few years (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.) I have made and updated our financial and life goals here on my site.  I’d like to review our 2014 goals and see how we did!  Here are our goals, and how we measured up.

I’d like to get $5,000 paid down on the principal of our mortgage.  SUCCESS!  We actually paid off $5105.29 this year!  I didn’t make any huge extra principal payments- we refinanced last summer and went with a 20 year mortgage and because of that a lot more of our payment is going toward principal versus interest because of amortization.  Every month I do add a little bit extra to our normal payment so we are chipping away at the principal.  

Replace the back roof. FAIL.  This is a good thing, though!  We had a roofer come out and he determined that the roof is actually in pretty good shape and didn’t need replacing.  Great news for our budget.  

Replace 3 front windows. FAIL. This never happened.  Honestly, I wish Mr. Money was much better about this stuff and could do it all on his own.  I worry too much about this crap! 

I need to set up a Christmas savings account so that I’m not stressing about money in December again next year. FAIL. Hah.  The other day I mentioned to Mr. Money that I needed to start this NOW for next year and he was like “You say this every year!”  I’m wondering if it would be easier for me to have a Christmas envelope and just put cash in it every time Mr. Money gets paid.  I think I may try that versus opening up a new savings account.

I’d like to get pregnant in 2014!  FAIL. This we really didn’t have that much control over.  

Save more money in general and be more aware of where our money goes.  SUCCESS! I’d say we did a pretty good job of this!

I think goals are always good to have as they help keep you focused and on track.  Mr. Money and I sat down the other day and talked about our goals and where we’d like to see ourselves in a few years.  I’m excited about the future!

How did you do with your 2014 Goals?


Is Dental Insurance Worth the Cost?

A few years ago I considered going without dental insurance. At the time, I was working at the bank and the premium was deducted from my paycheck so it wasn’t a big deal and I continued to buy the dental insurance. I took advantage of the two free cleanings a year to maximize my money’s worth and keep my teeth in good working order. I like my teeth and don’t want to have to get new ones.

Two weeks ago I decided to go to visit a different dentist to get a second opinion on my broken crown. Our first dentist said when it broke (over a year and a half ago) that I didn’t need to get it replaced unless it was causing me problems. I was excited because who wants to get dental work done unless they absolutely have to? Plus, that would give me enough time to save up the money to pay for it. At the time we didn’t have dental insurance because it hadn’t kicked in at Mr. Money’s new job.

The new dentist discovered that the old dentist left silver amalgam in my fillings when she replaced them with the white fillings. She explained that the white filling wouldn’t adhere properly to the silver and it would cause problems/be loose. This resulted in me having to get three fillings replaced on one side and two on the other side. I was so frustrated because I hadn’t planned on having ANY fillings replaced and here I was having to make numerous trips to the dentist and endure the pain of having the work done. I do NOT like getting dental work done.

Now I’m at the point where I am going back to get my crown worked on and after that’s done, I should be in good shape. I’ll get a temporary crown put on, she will order my new one, and once that is on it should be good for years! I’m crossing my fingers.  I also have gone for a cleaning and I took Penny in with me so she can get used to the dentist.

I’m thankful now that we have dental insurance. I haven’t received a bill or quote from the dentist but our insurance covers half of fillings and crowns so I know it’s not going to be cheap, but it will be a heck of a lot better than if I didn’t have any insurance.

The dentist is a family friend so I know she’s doing a good job and it feels good to know that I’m getting things taken care of now so they don’t cause problems later. I do not like visiting the dentist but I figure if I don’t take care of everything now I could be looking at a lot more time, money, and pain in the future! No thank you. Dental issues are not fun to deal with but once they are done, it’s a weight off!

Do you have dental insurance? Do you visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning and check up?


An Update

It’s been way too long, and I owe you guys an update.

-Mr. Money got a job! He is the chef of a restaurant again, working noon to midnights, but he has benefits! It is awesome.  We are so, so thankful.  We were able to spend Thanksgiving with my family and my sister came to spend Christmas with us so that was nice.

-Penny celebrated her first birthday last month.  I cannot believe my baby is a year old!  She is now walking and babbling and busy being cute.

-I’m hoping we get a tax refund this year.  Hopefully with my lack of income and us having Penny will help.  I’m confused on how many exemptions Mr. Money should claim, so I’m trying to figure that out.

I have so many things I’d like to blog about, but it is so hard to find time when caring for a baby basically by myself.  I’m so thankful that Penny is such a joy to be with.  We spend  a lot of time at home playing with toys and hanging out.

I’ll try my hardest to update again soon! Thank you all for the support! 🙂

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