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Never Let Friends Borrow Money

photo credit: Cats in trees I’m going to share something very personal, and I hope that you will respect the decision I made at the time, and not tell me what a bad decision I made.  I just hope someone can learn from this. In December, a friend came to me, crying because they were behind on their mortgage due to some uncontrollable circumstances. I was very understanding, went through all the options I could think of with her, and then after she told me that she had done everything she could think of and exhausted her family members, she didn’t know who else to turn to.  And if she didn’t make her two months’ worth of mortgage payments that they would be served a foreclosure notice right before Christmas and she, her husband, and two children would be out of a home. So I lent her $1500 and made the mortgage payments for her because she’s my best friend, and that’s what best friends do if they are able to. The agreement was that she would pay me back […]

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The Costco Return Policy Rocks

Costco’s Return Policy Rocks! Even though I have advised not to forget to return things because it costs money, sometimes I fall into the trap myself. Back when we were installing the laminate flooring from Costco into our living room, we went a little overboard when we were buying and ended up with three extra boxes. Needless to say, they sat in my basement untouched because I thought that I may need them or we may decide to replace the flooring in another room.  That didn’t happen. I thought I would search for the Costco return policy.  I decided that it was time to take the bull by the horns and try to take it back to Costco for store credit.  I was hoping they would be able to look up when we purchased the items by using our membership card.  If they wouldn’t return it, I wasn’t going to complain because I was the one that made the mistake of not keeping my receipt and paying attention to how long I had the items.  I was willing to take […]

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Is Phantom Electricity Draining your Bank Account?

photo credit: masterplaan Phantom electricity can suck the energy out of your home like an energy vampire. What is phantom electricity? It’s the energy that’s used when appliances are plugged in and not being used. Do you leave your cell phone charger plugged in and not charging the phone? Chances are you’re a victim of phantom electricity. Here are some ways to combat the energy vampire: -Unplug your cell phone charger, toaster, and blender when not in use.  Small appliances can still cause a big drain. -If you live with someone that leaves things plugged in when they’re not using them (*cough* Mr. Money), make sure you do a sweep of your house before you turn in at night. -Completely shut down your computer at night and unplug it.  Not only does this help keep your electric bill low, but you also lower your threat to hackers and viruses. -Install power strips in areas such as the living room, and connect your tv, receiver, Wii, gaming systems, and other devices to it.  When you go to bed, you can flip […]

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It Pays to Complain

photo credit: TheeErin Last Wednesday I decided I wanted to get my hair cut. I don’t know why, but it’s always a spontaneous decision. I drove to Great Clips, where I normally go, and noticed that there was a line of people waiting to get their hair cut so I decided I’d go to Super Cuts.  As soon as I pulled in, I noticed the NO WAIT sign glowing in the window.  I should have put two and two together then and realized I shouldn’t go in. As soon as I sat down, the hair stylist told me we’d go wash my hair.  I knew it would be an extra charge, so I politely declined. She said “oh, it’s only $7 and you get a much better cut!”  I told her that I didn’t have the time.  She then started cutting my hair dry and using these weird scissors.  From there, it went downhill even more. By the time I left I had a total mullet hairdo.  I was so upset and embarrassed I could feel how hot my cheeks […]

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Is Credit Card Debt Ever Acceptable?

photo credit: TheTruthAbout… A few months ago we purchased a new dishwasher from Home Depot to replace the one that stopped working correctly over a year ago.  We picked out a pretty nice model; not too expensive, but much nicer than what we had before.   We got a really good deal on it because we bought it on Black Friday sale, and have been really pleased with its performance so far.  The only downfall about the situation?  We put it on a credit card and haven’t paid it off yet. Now, before you start throwing stuff at me, I have to explain that we were able to take advantage of 0% interest, no payments for a year from our Home Depot credit card.  We have the money in the bank if we want to pay it off, but I just haven’t brought myself to do so yet.  I don’t want to see our balance go down that much, so I keep making payments on it whenever I get paid.  There’s no question on whether or not our credit cards will […]

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I Went on a Cash Diet- and it Worked!

I went on a cash diet a few weeks ago. Last month I talked about how I was spending too much on the small things. If I had cash it was gone.  I was trying to focus on saving money through the big things and ignoring the fact my money was trickling out of my bank account $10 or $20 at a time.  I’m glad I came to that realization because that’s when I decided I was going to quit cash cold turkey for awhile. Since giving up cash I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing so much better in paying attention to how much money I’m spending.  I think before I swipe my card.  I’m not buying things on impulse any more. I am still old school and keep a check book register.  I hate having to write down a million transactions and then wait for them to clear, so when I don’t spend as much, I don’t have to record as much!  Less work for me.  Another bonus is that when I only use my card, I can track […]

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