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Save as Much Money as Possible- or Not?

The past six years have been a financial roller coaster for us, and we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (finally!).  When we moved to this state for my hubby to go to school, we incurred moving expenses.  Then I was the only one working while he went to school so our income was pretty low.  In addition, culinary school ended up costing over $36,000 so we took on student loans. After culinary school, we continued to live frugally to be able to pay down our consumer debt.  We ended up paying off that debt this year and it couldn’t feel better. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) I’ve continued the mindset of OMG we need to save as much money as possible! and I’m getting tired of it.  Not to mention, I feel sometimes like it’s hindering my happiness.  Now, I know that money doesn’t buy happiness, but what I am saying is that maybe being a little less stingy with our money would result in more happiness.  I received a comment the other day that […]

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What’s the Strangest Online Purchase You’ve Made?

The other day I was bidding on Mach 3 Turbo razor blades on eBay and I stopped to think about how silly that actually sounded.  Here’s how it goes down at my house: Mr. Money tells me he needs new razor blades, and can I pick him some up while I’m grocery shopping?  I tell him that if he can wait, I can order them online and we can save a lot of money versus buying them at the store.  He then agrees and starts using my emergency stash of disposable Bic razors (not cool.)  I then forget because I’m busy, so a few weeks go by and he asks again, which prompts me to get looking on eBay.  I then find some Mach 3 Turbo razors that are a good deal, so I bid on them.  And then I lose.  And then I forget about it for a few days. Then I remember, and bid on another item.  I think I’m going to lose the auction, so I start looking on Amazon at the prices of the razor blades. […]

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Teen Mom on MTV and Money

Teen Mom is a show on MTV that airs on Tuesday nights at 10PM. It’s a reality show that follows four ‘teen moms’: Catelynn, Maci, Amber, and Farrah.  The young women were originally part of “16 and Pregnant”, another reality show that is exactly what it sounds like: pregnant 16 year old young women.  Both Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant are like train wrecks: you can’t help but watch because it’s so messed up.  I know I’m addicted, and the majority of my friends are also.  There are some good lessons to be learned from the show (don’t get pregnant until you can completely be responsible for a baby), and I’ve decided to highlight what I’ve observed about money and Teen Mom. Farrah Abraham Farrah’s worst money experience is when Farrah gets scammed on Craigslist.  On Episode 5, Farrah decides she’s going to sell her Dodge Neon on Craigslist.  She lists it, and lo and behold, someone buys it the next day! They send her a check in the mail with more than enough funds to cover the car […]

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