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Michigan Lottery Winner on Food Stamps

Have you heard about the man who won two million dollars in the Michigan lottery yet is still on food stamps?  If you haven’t, prepare yourself to be shocked.  Then again, knowing how things go sometimes, you may not be.  I first heard about it on the radio and was appalled.  I can’t even fathom winning the lottery, or winning the lottery and staying on food stamps.  This is absolutely ludicrous.  There are just so many things wrong with this situation: the fact that the government doesn’t kick him off food stamps, and the fact that he sees nothing wrong with continuing to stay on them. Don’t get me wrong: I believe there are many people who deserve to be on food stamps; it just angers me when people abuse the system.  And it’s not like Michigan needs another person draining the Welfare system.  They are in enough trouble without people like this. He claims that he told his case worker about him winning the lottery and she said he’d still be eligible for food stamps, or the “Bridge card”, […]

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Money Obsession

I think one of the things I struggle with most is obsessing over money.  If you’ve read my blog for quite sometime, you probably aren’t surprised.  There are many times that I worry about our money.  Will we have enough? Am I saving enough? Am I keeping a good balance between spending and saving? Should we pay more on our mortgage?  Many questions run through my head all the time.  Sometimes I think about money so much that I drive myself crazy. It’s hard because I work at a bank, and also have a personal finance blog that I use to talk about money.  Money is a large part of my life, and probably more so than most people.  Sometimes I think about finding a new job that’s not at a bank, but then I realize that I’ve got so much invested in my current career and I want to be a stay at home mom as soon as I have a baby (which will hopefully be sooner than later).  I don’t think  I should jump into a new career […]

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