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Join Associated Content!

One of the ways I make money online and have residual income each month is from writing for Associated Content. Here are a few tips that I follow: Cross post articles from my blog to Associated Content.  Not only does this make me money, but it helps drive traffic to my blog.  If you’re looking to build traffic to your blog, this greatly helps!  Whenever I feel like writing something that’s not money related, it’s nice to know I can write about it and post at Associated Content for money. Each month I receive residual income from people viewing my articles.  Sometimes I get questions about things I’ve written, and it’s always nice to get feedback as well. Sometimes I answer “calls for content”, which are basically writing on a topic they choose.  These pay well and are interesting.  It’s fun to step out of my writing comfort zone and write about something I’m not familiar with.  I love learning! I’ve been a member of Associated Content for over a year now.  I enjoy making money from my articles, making […]

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Pinecone Research Looking for New Members!

Pinecone Research is looking for new members. I’ve written before how I do surveys with them to make a little extra snowflake money. Sign up here if you are interested. It’s definitely my favorite survey site, as the surveys you do are relevant to your demographics. Sometimes you get to try out new products. That’s my favorite part!  Usually it’s really hard to get on with them, so as soon as I received the email today I thought I’d share it with you.  Please comment if you have any questions, and enjoy! Tweet

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July Earnings

ChaCha: $130.48 Cash Crate: $6.26 Pinecone Research Surveys: $3 Associated Content: $2.11 ExpoTv: $3.90 Ebay Sales: $46.92 Miscellaneous: $65 National City Everyday Rewards Visa: $109.80 That’s $367.47 in “snowflake money!” I am really happy with July’s earnings. I’m going to keep on working from home with ChaCha, Cash Crate, and Associated Content. If you want to see what other things I do to make money online, check out this page! Tweet

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Make Money Online with ChaCha!

One of the things that I started doing this month to supplement the money I make online is becoming a ChaCha Guide! This is how it works: people text questions to ChaCha, a real live person (a Guide) searches the internet for an answer, and then replies with the correct answer! It is a great service and fun to do. It is a human powered search engine. Sometimes I’ll get off the wall questions, sometimes I’ll get someone looking for directions, and sometimes I’ll just get someone goofing off. I think it’s very easy to do, and I have fun doing it. If you are interested in becoming a guide, go to ChaCha’s website, go to the bottom right where it says: get started, become a guide and click. Follow the link from there! Please put my email as your referral ( so I can be your sponsor and add you as a friend when you get on board. It is pretty simple to sign up. This is a legitimate work at home opportunity.  If you’ve always wanted to work […]

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My June Earnings

June was a little bit better than May! Here’s the break down of where I made money online: Cash Crate: $13.39 Pinecone Research surveys: $20 Associated Content: $2 (This is just from residual income from articles I posted previously) Expo Tv: $5.27 (This is just from residual income from videos I posted previously) Miscellaneous: $12 Total: $52.66 I am expecting a check from my National City Everyday Rewards Visa sometime this month for over $100! I am excited about that.  I am glad that I did better this month than last.  I’ll keep working hard for July and hopefully double my “extra money” this month! Tweet

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A Review of Cash Crate

At the beginning of this month, I posted my earnings for May. I had decided that this month I was going to try and make more money this month. I started doing more Cash Crate offers to bump up my earnings. The reason I picked Cash Crate is because I think they are one of the best GPT sites out there. How does it work? You sign up, fill out surveys, click to tell them that you’ve completed the survey, and after they confirm that you have completed it, you get paid! I notice with Cash Crate the approvals are a lot quicker than other GPT sites. I think this is such an easy way to make money! Of course, you aren’t going to get filthy rich doing this, but it will supplement your income a little. I enjoy it because I do see that they approve the offers quickly. There is a $10 minimum payout, which is not too bad. You can easily achieve $10 by spending probably less than an hour completing offers. I like doing the 100% […]

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