Make More Money: Sell Your Crafts Online

I’m always looking for ways to make more money.  Last week I shared with you how to make money blogging.  Another way you can make more money is with your hobbies!  Knitting, crocheting, painting, sewing, and cross stitch are just not for grandmas any more!  Personally, I enjoy knitting.  I like making socks, dish cloths, and baby blankets.  It’s nothing more than a hobby for me because the time and energy I invest knitting the items outweighs the monetary gain.  I like giving my things as gifts, but have often times wished for a way to make knitting my job!  That’s not going to happen, but if I do decide to sell my dish cloths, I know there are options out there. There are a few different websites that you can use to sell your crafts online. is of course the first website that comes to mind for most people.  With Etsy, you create your own “store” and list items for a certain amount.  There’s no upfront investment to become an Etsy seller.  You can start your store for free, which I think is awesome.  When you list an item with Etsy, there is a 20 cent per item fee.  With that fee, you have the ability to upload five photos of that item for four months.  If your item doesn’t sell, you don’t pay any more money.  If your item sells, you pay a 3.5 percent commission to Etsy.  You are in control of your earnings, as there’s no limit to how much you price your items for, and if your items are popular, you’ll make more money!

Etsy is a site for all crafts: knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, sewing, painting, etc.  It’s nice because you can search the site for whatever items you’d like according to the craft type. is a site where you can sell jewelry, crafts, art, clothing, home and garden, dvds, and more!  With Jewelry Wonder, it’s completely free.  There are no set up fees, listing, hosting, monthly or transaction fees.  You set your own prices, so you have an unlimited potential for earnings as well.  Jewelry wonder is not just for jewelry (as misleading as the name sounds!) so if you try Etsy and don’t have much success, you may want to try Jewelry Wonder.  You just have to have at least 30 items to open the free online store. is the “premiere handmade marketplace” where you can buy and sell crafts.  They feature everything from handmade items, fine art, craft supplies, vintage, and even media.  You can choose from a basic free account (which has unlimited listing and four pictures per item) to a pro account (with 10 pictures per item plus a customizable store and promo features) at $15.95 a month.  With ArtFire, you can sell directly from your blog or website.  ArtFire has no transaction fees, so you get to keep 100% of your earnings.

These are some great ways to boost your income if you’re an artist or into crafts.  Of course, I always make sure that it’s worth my time to make and sell items, but if you’re in it for the fun, that’s even better!

What are your hobbies? Could you make money with them?


How to Make Money Blogging

Who doesn’t want to know how to make money blogging?  There are people out there that make a living from their websites/blogs.  However, there are many, many more bloggers out there who make hardly any money from blogging.  Blogging is very time consuming, and as your traffic grows, your responsibilities do as well.  Personally, I would love to make more money blogging, and make this my full time job.  I’d love to be able to write and share my ideas and tips on how to save money and live green and that be my only source of income.

Here are some ways to make money blogging:

1. Google Adsense.

Google Adsense ads are displayed on blogs and promote information related to the website’s content.  For instance, if you are looking for “how to no poo“, chances are the ads on the page will be advertising for shampoos. When someone clicks on an ad on your website, you make money as a commission for referring the person to the advertiser’s website.  Google Adsense can be a great source of income if you write about topics that are relevant to companies that advertise through Google.

2. Blogher Ads.

Blogher ads are paid by the number of impressions, not clicks.  It’s nice because when your traffic goes up, so does your revenue.  However, Blogher Ads do take over half of the amount of advertising dollars as a commission.  As a perk, they also promote three other bloggers’ posts at the bottom of the advertising widget, so that is a nice bonus, as more traffic is driven to the sites that are linked.

3. Amazon Affiliate Program.

I like the Amazon Affiliate program because when I want to share a product that I love it’s easy to do so through Amazon Affiliates. I can link to the product’s Amazon page where the readers get more information and reviews and if they purchase something from clicking from my site, I earn a small commission.  It’s not much, but every little bit helps.

4. Text link ads.

Text link ads are frowned upon by Google, so you may want to keep that in mind before you start accepting them.  Many websites have been penalized by Google for accepting private text link ads.  However, text link ads can be a very good source of income for a website, because there is a flat fee paid each month just to have the ad on the website.

5. E-books.

E-books are great because they’re all digital, easier to publish than a paper book, and can be written at any number of pages.  E-books are also nice, because the income you make from selling your e-books can go straight to your bottom line versus having to give someone else a cut right off the top.  You can decide to give those who promote your e-book a commission if you choose, and that will help you make more money even though you are paying out commissions because you’ll have more exposure.

I’ve been blogging about personal finance and frugal living now for almost three years, and by no means am I getting rich off my blog.  I started this site as a way to share my money saving tips and green living ideas.  I always strive to share the best information with my readers because that’s the most important point of blogging to me.

All of the above ideas are how to make money blogging.  I’ll be honest and say that if you are starting a blog to make money, don’t do it.  Start a blog to share your thoughts about a topic you’re passionate about, and then go from there.

Have you ever wondered how to make money blogging? If you’re a blogger, do you have more tips on how to make money blogging?


Pinecone Research Changing Their Payouts for “Grandfathered” Panelists

For many years I’ve participated in Pinecone Research. I enjoy being a panelist. They send you surveys and products to try and you get compensated for your time and energy by getting $5 per survey (unless it’s household questions) and $5 for every product you try. Well, I guess I should say you used to. About a year ago, they changed new sign ups to get paid $3 per survey and entered into a drawing to win $500. They have recently sent out a study to current members that were still getting the $5 basically telling them that they are changing everyone to $3 per survey and sweepstakes.

I think it sucks. Sure, there are times you answer questions and don’t get compensated for them, but they really aren’t that bad. There is an option to leave it at $5 a survey, but it basically says if you do that you probably won’t be getting very many surveys. I think I’m going to go ahead and change to the $3. Do I like it? No. But I enjoy being a panelist and a part of Pinecone Research and want to continue doing so.

Do you do Pinecone Research? What do you think of the recent changes? Is $3 good enough?

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