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Some of you may have noticed my absence over the past few months.  It’s been a busy summer, and I’m so happy to announce that we are finally pregnant!  We are so thrilled, and I am looking forward to being a mama sometime in February.  The first trimester was really rough, but now that I’m past it, I’ve felt a lot better and much more confident.  I’ll start sharing more ideas on how we’re saving money throughout my pregnancy, what baby items we’re choosing, etc.  The next chapter of our lives is pretty exciting, so I hope you’ll stick around to enjoy!


Teen Mom on MTV and Money

Teen Mom is a show on MTV that airs on Tuesday nights at 10PM.

It’s a reality show that follows four ‘teen moms’: Catelynn, Maci, Amber, and Farrah.  The young women were originally part of “16 and Pregnant”, another reality show that is exactly what it sounds like: pregnant 16 year old young women.  Both Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant are like train wrecks: you can’t help but watch because it’s so messed up.  I know I’m addicted, and the majority of my friends are also.  There are some good lessons to be learned from the show (don’t get pregnant until you can completely be responsible for a baby), and I’ve decided to highlight what I’ve observed about money and Teen Mom.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah’s worst money experience is when Farrah gets scammed on Craigslist.  On Episode 5, Farrah decides she’s going to sell her Dodge Neon on Craigslist.  She lists it, and lo and behold, someone buys it the next day! They send her a check in the mail with more than enough funds to cover the car plus shipping, plus some extra money for her trouble.  She Western Unions the money to the buyer, and all is well.  Until a few days later when her banker calls to tell her that dun dun dun… the check was fraudulent and bounced.  Now Farrah’s out like $3,000 and overdrawn in her bank account. Ouch.

Amber Portwood

It seems as if Amber and Gary don’t care about money because neither of them are employed.  One good money move they are making is to not get married.  Of course, that changes during every episode, but more likely than not, they won’t get married.  They will not only save money, but they will probably also save each others’ lives.

Maci Bookout

Maci appears smart with her money- she attends a community college in Chattanooga and then transfers to another community college in Nashville.  Of course, when she decides to move from Chattanooga to Nashville, her expenses increase as she moves from her parents’ house into her own apartment.

Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn and Tyler seem to be pretty responsible with money.  Both live with their own respective parents (coincidentally Catelynn’s mom is with Tyler’s dad) and attend a public high school.  They placed their daughter for adoption in hopes of a better life for her.  They believe they couldn’t have provided adequately for her, as they still hadn’t graduated high school. I think they made an awesome decision in placing their little girl with adoptive parents.  Although they miss their daughter terribly at times, Catelynn and Tyler seem to not regret their decision.

Raising a child is expensive, and it’s even harder when you’re a teen mom.  Going to school, paying for living expenses, and raising a child all cost money.  I can’t even imagine being a teen mom, but these girls seem to make it all work somehow.  It’s interesting to see the vast differences in money management between the young women.  Some of them handle money better than others, and some seem to not care at all about money.

Do you watch Teen Mom? Have you ever thought about their money situations?


Save the Earth- Don’t Have Kids

Someone remarked to me the other day that they were semi-surprised at my strong desire to have children. They thought that with my concern about the future of the environment that adding another person to the planet would be a faux pas for me. While I understand that every person creates more strain on the Earth’s resources, I also believe that if we all lived a little lighter and consumed a little less that we’d be in a much better place than not having kids just to save the environment.

Our Place in the Cosmos
Creative Commons License photo credit: p.Gordon

I’ve thought sometimes that it’s almost selfish to want to have kids, but I think the way we raise our children and teach them to respect the Earth and its resources that perhaps our children will use less resources than other Americans. Also, our children may be monumental in influencing others to live lighter and respect the Earth. I do think that creating another human being consumes a ton of resources over their lifetime no matter how lightly they live. On the other hand, what would happen if we all stopped procreating?

We plan on teaching our kids the value of money, respect for the Earth, and how to live a frugal yet satisfying life. Hopefully those values will be instilled in them and stick with them throughout their lives. We also plan on cloth diapering, buying used baby items, and hopefully breastfeeding. All of those will save money, be better for the health of our child, and consume less resources. I think that having a baby will be one of the greatest blessings of my lifetime and I can’t wait to experience it. Even though it will leave more of an impact on the Earth than if we didn’t have a child, I think the rewards greatly outweigh the risk.

Do you think having kids is bad for our planet’s future? Or do you think it’s crazy to even take that into consideration when thinking about having a child?

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