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Being a Stay at Home Mom When You “Shouldn’t”

Many times over the past almost six years that I’ve been a stay at home mom, I’ve been riddled with guilt over our decision. Thoughts float around in my head: “Should I go back to work?”, “Will we be able to save enough for retirement without me financially contributing at this moment?”, “I really wish we could afford more flexibility in our budget so we could (go on vacation, join the Y, send our daughter to a cottage homeschool program, etc)”.  The guilt ate me alive at times!  It was especially worse right after my husband lost his job.  Not only was I feeling very depressed about him not having a job, I was feeling massive amounts of angst because I wasn’t working and bringing in a full time income. I finally had to sit down and decide what our plan was going to be.  Often times when anxious thoughts take over, I have to focus on the positives to make myself realize what the bigger picture is.  We have a plan, and hopefully next year this time things will be […]

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Having Another Baby

Now that Penny’s almost two, we keep getting people asking us when we’re going to have another baby.  I seriously feel like I was just trying to conceive and was pregnant!  There are many factors to when the best time to have another child is, and here are some of our thoughts: -There’s no best time to have babies.  Money will never be perfect and we’ll probably always wish we had more money.  However, we are doing okay money-wise and I don’t feel like it would be catastrophic if we decided to try to have another baby in six months or so. We can wait and wait, but we could wait forever. -Babies are really not that expensive.  When they are little, you have the added cost to health insurance premiums, food (I’ll breastfeed the next baby as well), and diapers (we’ve got a bunch and would probably only have to buy a few more).  Since I am a stay at home mom we won’t have to pay daycare for two kids so that is huge!  I think the real […]

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Maternity Clothes Cheap

When I first learned I was pregnant, I decided that I would be ahead of the game and start looking for some fall/winter maternity clothes, since that’s when I would be pretty big.  I went with a friend to a few stores, including Motherhood Maternity, and scoped out prices.  Old Navy’s maternity line seemed to be pretty reasonably priced.  I learned that I loved all the clothes Motherhood Maternity offered, especially their petite pants.  They fit perfectly length-wise, and that never happens!  Unfortunately, they were also priced around $35 a pair, and holy cow. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $35 for a pair of pants.  Luckily, I waited and was able to come up with a pretty nice maternity wardrobe without spending a ton of money.  Here’s how I did it: -Went to yard sales.  When I went up to Michigan to tell my family I was pregnant, my mom and I hit up some yard sales.  She noticed one advertised on Craigslist to have maternity clothes, so we made sure to go there.  I got a pair of […]

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