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Mr. Money Lost His Job

88 Days ago, Mr. Money accepted a new position after he was contacted by a company numerous times offering him an Executive Chef position. He had turned down the company twice before he decided that he was going to seriously consider working for them. He had an interview where they talked with him, he performed a cooking challenge (similar to Chopped!) and they told them they would be in contact with him if he was going to get a job offer. They called the next day, offered him a salary of $5,000 less than what he was willing to accept, so he declined their offer. A few days later, they called back and offered him the amount that was acceptable and he told them he’d talk with me and let them know. We discussed the positives, (it was closer to home- a ten minute drive, the health insurance cost was half of what we were paying, and it was a smaller facility than what he had been managing). The negatives were that he still wasn’t going to be making as […]

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What’s Your Dream Job?

The other day I was thinking about what I really want to do with my life.  Ultimately I want to be a stay at home mother when the time comes, but I don’t know how long that’s going to be.  If I don’t get pregnant within the next six months or so, I’ll probably very seriously consider going part time and doing things I love with the rest of my time.  One thing led to another, and I realized there are many different career options I could have gone with.  I’m pretty happy with banking; I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either.  However, I definitely wouldn’t have thought that’s where I would make my career.  Here are some of my dream jobs: -Zookeeper.  I’d love to work at a zoo with exotic animals.  I love giraffes, and I think it would be awesome to work with them every day. -Traveler.  Having some type of job where I travel to fun places to work would be awesome.  I have traveled a few times to different cities to train […]

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Share Your Salary

The other day I asked the question: “How much money do you make?“.  That post got a lot of responses from many people who were comfortable sharing how much their annual salaries are.  I think overall more people were comfortable sharing their finances with other people than not.  I thought it would be fun for anyone that wanted to share their salary to do so here.  I’m going to allow anonymous comments so that no one has to be public with their money if they don’t want to be.  And for the people that don’t feel comfortable with everyone knowing their business, they can comment anonymously and share without revealing their identity. I’ll have to approve comments manually, so if you do comment with anonymous it most likely will go into moderation and I’ll be sure to approve it as soon as I can.  If you want to play along, please comment with: -Your annual base salary. -What state or area of the country you live in. -Your job title or position and a short description if it’s unclear. I […]

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How Much Money Do You Make?

When I was in eighth grade I was assigned a project on budgeting.  We were told to go home, ask our parents how much money they made, and come up with a budget based on those numbers.  I remember at the time I was too shy and also knew better than to ask my dad how much money he made.  I knew that was a taboo subject.  I ended up making up a number I thought was a good salary and went with that.  A few years ago, my dad shared some financial information with me and told me not to tell my mother.  I laughed, listened to what he had to say, and then kept it to myself. I’ve turned to my parents for financial advice many times.  What’s really funny is that they don’t know how much money Mr. Money and I make.  However, my “adopted parents” do because they help us every year with our taxes.  It doesn’t feel weird at all knowing that they know how much money we make, but I almost don’t want my […]

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The Craziest Job I Ever Had

Five years ago Mr. Money and I lived in Colorado. We were both working for a RadioShack store and Mr. Money was also teaching snowboarding. While we worked at RadioShack, we met this very nice woman who bred miniature horses. She was so sweet and kind, and the pictures of her horses she brought in were beautiful. She knew that I had grown up riding and training horses, and one day she asked me if I’d be interested in working with the horses. I couldn’t say yes any faster than I did. So I quit my job (with health insurance) and we moved out of our condo into a house on her property. We agreed that she would pay us $10 an hour each for our work. I would be responsible for cleaning barns, breeding horses, doing paperwork, and any other things she wanted me to do. Mr. Money would be the handyman. Fine and dandy, right? We thought that because we weren’t paying any rent (she said that the house was worth $500,000 and would rent for $4,000 a […]

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Current Unemployment Rate? 17.5%

Seriously? 17.5% unemployment? Yes, if the government would measure unemployment as they did 80 years ago.  The government’s calculation of 7.2% unemployment does not take into consideration millions of Americans who could not find a job or could not get full time employment.  So, if you’re that person with the master’s degree that’s working part time at your local grocery store, you’re not included in the calculation.  Technically you have a job. The government also tracks the “U-6” rate, which includes discouraged and underemployed workers.  Right now it’s 13.5%.  Currently we’re at a 15 year high for unemployment.  The number of Americans filing for unemployment is at its highest level in a quarter of a century. During the Great Depression, unemployment hit 25%.  But that wasn’t until 4 years after the stock market crash.  1 in 4 Americans was out of a job.  We think 7.2% (or 17.5%) is bad?  Hopefully we won’t see 25%.  That would be devastating.   My advice?  If you’ve got a job, thank your lucky stars.  Keep saving all you can, and be as thrifty […]

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