Mr. Money Lost His Job

88 Days ago, Mr. Money accepted a new position after he was contacted by a company numerous times offering him an Executive Chef position. He had turned down the company twice before he decided that he was going to seriously consider working for them. He had an interview where they talked with him, he performed a cooking challenge (similar to Chopped!) and they told them they would be in contact with him if he was going to get a job offer. They called the next day, offered him a salary of $5,000 less than what he was willing to accept, so he declined their offer. A few days later, they called back and offered him the amount that was acceptable and he told them he’d talk with me and let them know. We discussed the positives, (it was closer to home- a ten minute drive, the health insurance cost was half of what we were paying, and it was a smaller facility than what he had been managing). The negatives were that he still wasn’t going to be making as much as he was but the job he had was not stable so he felt like he needed to make a change. We ultimately decided it was a good idea and he accepted the position.

As soon as he started working at the facility, they were having him come in at either five or eight in the morning and he was working until nine or ten at night. He was working sixteen hour days- all salaried. He was told that once they were fully staffed this would be “a cakewalk”. He kept waiting for them to get fully staffed, all while hearing about lawsuits against the facility, how labor needed to get cut, the facility was on the verge of closing, etc.

On Friday morning (his 88th day of employment) he went into work, got called into the office and they proceeded to tell him all these things he was doing wrong. When he rebutted, they said that even on his days off he was still responsible and basically too bad. He asked why this wasn’t a first warning and they responded that since he was within his first 90 days of employment they really didn’t have to have a reason and they were letting him go. But! He would be eligible to apply for positions within the company.

We’re both so mad that they did this. With all the talks about budget cuts and the place closing, we’re figuring they did it because of the money. Why didn’t they just tell him they couldn’t pay him enough in the beginning? That would have saved us so much stress and heartache. Now we’ve got to figure out so many things- how are we going to make it without his income, what are we going to do for health insurance, what kind of a job is he going to get? I’m hoping and praying he can get some type of job that is not in the food industry (he’s hoping the same thing). I think as long as he’s not without a job for many months we should be okay. Our plan is to live as frugally as possible, try to figure out some alternative sources of income, and keep on keeping on. With as many hours as he worked the last few months, we’ve been enjoying having him around the last couple days! Of course, that may all change if I start freaking out more about him being unemployed.

I feel like this is just a hiccup in life. A really sucky hiccup but one nonetheless. I’ve been very thankful lately that we have lived frugally for so many years. We won’t really have to change too much because we don’t live extravagantly so that’s a good thing. I am hoping this will be a short season in life and a blessing in disguise.

Have you ever gone through a season of unemployment? Do you have any good tips for us?


What’s Your Dream Job?

The other day I was thinking about what I really want to do with my life.  Ultimately I want to be a stay at home mother when the time comes, but I don’t know how long that’s going to be.  If I don’t get pregnant within the next six months or so, I’ll probably very seriously consider going part time and doing things I love with the rest of my time.  One thing led to another, and I realized there are many different career options I could have gone with.  I’m pretty happy with banking; I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either.  However, I definitely wouldn’t have thought that’s where I would make my career.  Here are some of my dream jobs:

-Zookeeper.  I’d love to work at a zoo with exotic animals.  I love giraffes, and I think it would be awesome to work with them every day.

-Traveler.  Having some type of job where I travel to fun places to work would be awesome.  I have traveled a few times to different cities to train people with the bank, and I think having a job where they paid me to travel like that would be cool.  I don’t think I’d want to be gone all the time, but maybe a few days a month would be fun.  Or I could get paid to review food and hotels and eat and stay places free.

-Personal assistant. I think it would be fun to be a personal assistant to a celebrity or someone rich for a little while.  I think after a few months it might get old though, so let’s pretend it’s a temporary position.

Housewife.  I think this would be fun if I had activities planned where I could hang out with friends during the week, or volunteer to do things I’d like to do.  It would be fun to help others and not have to worry about working.

-Blogging! I think blogging full time would be a great profession because I could work from home and do something I love.  I just need to figure out how to make more money blogging, and I’ll be all set!

I think if I were going to go back to school I’d probably go back and study nutrition.  I had considered going back to school for nursing a few years ago, but then realized that probably wasn’t such a great idea because I don’t believe in a lot of the western medicines that are shoved down peoples’ throats.  I know that medicine is necessary in certain situations, but I think some medications are prescribed unnecessarily to people these days.

I think it’s fun to daydream sometimes, and I also think it’s funny that so many people work jobs that they would have never seen themselves working.  It will be interesting to see what my career is in ten years!  I hope that no matter what I am doing at that point that it makes me happy.

What is your dream job?


Share Your Salary

The other day I asked the question: “How much money do you make?“.  That post got a lot of responses from many people who were comfortable sharing how much their annual salaries are.  I think overall more people were comfortable sharing their finances with other people than not.  I thought it would be fun for anyone that wanted to share their salary to do so here.  I’m going to allow anonymous comments so that no one has to be public with their money if they don’t want to be.  And for the people that don’t feel comfortable with everyone knowing their business, they can comment anonymously and share without revealing their identity.

I’ll have to approve comments manually, so if you do comment with anonymous it most likely will go into moderation and I’ll be sure to approve it as soon as I can.  If you want to play along, please comment with:

-Your annual base salary.
-What state or area of the country you live in.
-Your job title or position and a short description if it’s unclear.

I think it will be neat to see how salaries vary from positions and areas of the country.  I know that some salaries may sound high or low at first, so please keep in mind that someone who makes $70,000 and lives in Washington DC may experience the same standard of living as someone who makes $45,000 and lives in Indianapolis.  Obviously these are numbers that I pulled out of my head and aren’t completely accurate, so don’t hold me to them.

Let the fun and games begin!

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