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Investment Ideas for the New Investor

Investing for Beginners Getting started as an investor is essential in order to begin laying a foundation for financial success. The traditional approach to investing has been to open a retirement account and begin paying into it each month, and then after 30 years—voila!—a nice nest egg is ready for you. Generally, retirement accounts tend to have a heavy amount of exposure to U.S. equity markets due to the stock market’s very strong historical growth figures. But as many close-to-retiree-age folks discovered in 2008, a retirement account heavily exposed to the U.S. equity markets can be diminished in a matter of months if a global economic meltdown erupts. If you are just beginning to invest and you have 20+ years before retirement, it may be wise to speak with a financial adviser and seriously consider investing in a strategy that seeks to benefit from the explosion of growth in China and India. Let’s examine why. What should I invest my 401k in? Retirement planning and investing has a very clear stated goal—to make money over the long term. This goal […]

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