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Reusable Menstrual Cups vs Tampons

Throughout a woman’s lifetime, it’s believed that she will use an average of 16,800 pads or tampons. Tampons and pads can be cheap, but what if you could eliminate having to purchase them each month?  You’ll be saving so much money over your lifetime, and also eliminating thousands of tampons and pads from making their way into our landfills.  Here’s how you can do it: Reusable menstrual cup, such as a Diva Cup, Moon cup, or Keeper. These are generally made of medical grade silicone.  What’s nice about these is that there’s no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) like you can get by using tampons.  Also, it’s much more comfortable and pretty easy to use.  It costs around $25 and should last forever.  By using bleached tampons, you are subjecting your “girly bits” to bleach, chemicals, perfumes, irritants, and cotton fibers; and really, does that sound like a good thing?  Not to me.  I don’t want bleach or chemicals to be absorbed into my body through um, there. DivaCup or Keeper? I had been a big fan of the […]

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