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Enroll in Paperless Billing

One of the things I hate most is junk mail. Even though I chose to opt out of junk mail, I still receive some things I consider junk that apparently isn’t technically junk mail. It’s so annoying! While I think coupons are great for saving money, I also usually can’t find coupons for many things I buy because we don’t really buy processed food, and we try to limit our consumerism. You don’t ever see coupons to save money on fresh fruit and produce. Still, we receive the huge coupon mailers in the mail that I have to try to recycle or do something with. In order to cut down on the amount of mail we receive and also reduce our carbon footprint, I’ve enrolled in paper less billing for most of my bills. I guess I had forgotten to include our health insurance company in the paper less billing because we receive paper statements from them every quarter. I have had good intentions to change that, but then I forget and since it’s quarterly, I am not reminded until […]

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How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are disgusting little creatures that invade their way into your home and make themselves comfortable in your mattress.  While you are sleeping, they make their way out of their hiding spots in your mattress to feast on your body.  Gross!  It seems like there have been many more outbreaks of bedbugs lately, and the thought of getting them in my house scares the pants off me.  Ick.  I’m doing everything I can to prevent bringing bedbugs in my house, and you should too!  I think it is much easier to prevent bedbugs than it is to get rid of them.  I know someone once who had gotten bed bugs and had to trash all their mattresses and buy new ones.  That’s not frugal or green! I’ll share with you some of the tips we use to prevent bed bugs. -When staying at a hotel, we make sure to leave all our belongings out in the hallway before taking them into a room.  Usually I’ll have Mr. Money hang out in the hallway with everything while I do a […]

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