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Keeper or MoonCup Giveaway!

I am pleased to announce a contest for the month of July: We’re giving away a Keeper or Moon Cup menstrual cup!  If you’ve ever wanted to try a menstrual cup, here’s your chance. Free Menstrual Cup! So, if you would like to start using alternative menstrual products, such as a menstrual cup; and if you’d like to do your part to help save the environment, please enter our contest to win a Keeper. For a graphic representation of the number of tampons and pads the average woman uses in 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, and during her menstruating lifetime, please check this out. You’ll be shocked by what you see! So, please write and tell us WHY you want to try a Keeper; and convince us that you’re the woman who deserves to win our contest. We’re looking for the best stories and comments to give away our menstrual cups! For one entry, fill out this form: (ALL responses are confidential!) Loading… For 1 additional entry each: -Share the contest on Facebook -“Like” The Keeper on Facebook -Tweet […]

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CLOSED Ultimate Giveaway: More Than Alive 1 lb. Bulk Herbs, or More!

I have exciting news! I’ve got a giveaway today, coming from More Than Alive!  More than Alive is a supplier of bulk organic teas, bulk organic herbs, and more! They’ve got a great site, and today they are offering up 1 pound of bulk teas, herbs, or even a scarf! If you win, you get to pick which prize you would like! Here’s some beautiful organic red raspberry leaves. Use these to make a tea that’s good for your reproductive system! Check out More than Alive to view all the wonderful products you could win! Here’s how you can win: 1. Subscribe to the Ultimate Money Blog feed and submit the secret code that appears in the bottom of the feed. 2. Follow me on Twitter and tweet about the contest with RT @ultmoneyblog and #giveaway in the tweet so I can track it! 3. Like Ultimate Money Blog on Facebook. (Please comment you’ve done so) 4. Blog about the contest on your own blog! Each action gets you one entry.  Contest will end on October 31, 2010. Loading… FTC […]

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