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Stroll Through my Garden

I’ve got some good news, and some bad news. The bad news is our summer garden is finally on its way out, and the good news is the fall garden is coming along nicely! Some more experienced gardeners may laugh at our little plot of land, but we’re pleased as punch with what we got out of it this year, and can’t wait to plant another new one next year! I took some pictures this afternoon. Two of our tomato plants tipped over sometime last night. We really haven’t gotten too many off these plants yet (notice all the green ones!) so we are pretty bummed. When Mr. Money gets home from work, I’m going to have him go see if he can rescue them. By the way, these came up all by themselves and I transplanted them here. Can’t beat that! Something is getting my beans. 🙁 I planted these in August and they have been producing like crazy! We’ve been freezing them every chance we get, and man are they yummy! I looked today and there were little […]

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Preserving Garden Bounty

Last time I updated about the garden, the squash plants were in full force. We planted zucchini, yellow squash, and some patty pan squash. Squash always seems to do well, and we always have a plethora of the brightly colored vegetables. Truth be told, I was sick and tired of seeing, picking, and eating squash. That’s when it started to get bad. There was squash in the garden, in the refrigerator, and even on the counter. I finally decided to do something with it today. I ended up freezing three gallon bags of various squashes and I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll probably have at least that much more to do. This is what I did to freeze the squash so it will be yummy in the winter. 1. Washed and cut the pieces into a nice size for stir fry, casseroles, etc. 2. Started a large pot of water simmering to almost a boil. 3. Prepared an ice bath 4. Put the squash in the hot water for almost five minutes, just enough to get it nice and bright in […]

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