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Preserving Garden Bounty

Last time I updated about the garden, the squash plants were in full force. We planted zucchini, yellow squash, and some patty pan squash. Squash always seems to do well, and we always have a plethora of the brightly colored vegetables. Truth be told, I was sick and tired of seeing, picking, and eating squash. That’s when it started to get bad. There was squash in the garden, in the refrigerator, and even on the counter. I finally decided to do something with it today. I ended up freezing three gallon bags of various squashes and I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll probably have at least that much more to do. This is what I did to freeze the squash so it will be yummy in the winter. 1. Washed and cut the pieces into a nice size for stir fry, casseroles, etc. 2. Started a large pot of water simmering to almost a boil. 3. Prepared an ice bath 4. Put the squash in the hot water for almost five minutes, just enough to get it nice and bright in […]

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No More Bugs Bunnies!

Imagine my surprise when I went out to check my garden after I got home from work and discovered that some of my new green bean plants have been eaten! Needless to say, I am not a happy camper.  While I am a huge animal lover, I am not a fan of my garden being eaten.  Not one bit.  So I decided I’d try to beat the rain and make a trip up to Home Depot to buy some stakes to put leftover chicken wire on to keep the rascals out. I purchased 10 stakes plus ties.  It cost me $20.  When I got home, I ran around looking for the hammer.  After I found it, I pounded some stakes in the corners of the boxes, attached some of the chicken wire plus this green mesh netting thing around the green bean bed and tied it to the stakes.  That ought to hold for a few days until I can get more blood meal or whatever it is that deters rabbits.  I’m half tempted to leave my dogs out in […]

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Garden Progress

One of my favorite things about owning this house is the fact we have enough land to have a garden to grow our own vegetables.  I love the idea of homesteading, and we’re trying to create our own little homestead here in our neck of the woods.  This year we got started a little late so we’re only enjoying copious amounts of yellow squash so far.  This is the third year we’ve had a garden, and each year we enjoy it more and more.  The more we add our compost to the soil, the more the plants take off! Here’s how our garden looked this spring, before planting: And here it is today: In this bed we have zucchini, yellow squash, patty pan squash, okra, sugar snap peas, and bush beans. The huge plants on the right are the yellow squash plants. To the right of this bed we have some volunteer tomato plants that came up from seed by themselves and I transplanted (I don’t have the heart to kill them!): Our first tomato: Near the back fence of […]

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