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Eat Your Weeds

Weeds can be a big problem in anyone’s yard, but when you do your best to keep an organic lawn, the weeds can take over!  Fortunately, many varieties of weeds are actually very nutritious and can be beneficial to consume.  Before you start eating weeds, though, make sure that you are picking weeds from a trusted source, preferably your own yard that you know hasn’t been sprayed with any chemicals. photo credit: Asbestos Bill Make sure that you can identify weeds before you start chomping down on the green goodness.  What weeds are edible and good for you?  Let’s find out: -Dandelions.  Dandelions are high in vitamin A, can act as a gentle diuretic to purify your blood, and taste great in smoothies or salads.  Pick the leaves before the flowers appear and you’ll get the most tender greens. -Red clover.  Red clover is a clover that actually appears more purple than red.  Red clover is high in calcium, magnesium, thiamin, vitamin c, and even isoflavones.  Red clover can be useful for women with an estrogen deficiency. -Purslane.  Purslane is […]

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What Can You Compost? a List of Compostables

It’s funny, every time I sweep up dog hair and put it in the compost bin, it drives Mr. Money crazy! He doesn’t believe, but I know for a fact you can compost dog hair.  I’ve been doing it for two years and he had no idea it was going in the compost bin!  The joke is on him.  There are a lot of people that aren’t sure of what you can compost, so I decided I’m going to share a list of things that you really can compost.  Some are pretty common; others may not be. What you can compost -Paid bills and other paper scraps -The contents of your vacuum (sorry Mr. Money!) -Dog or cat hair -Tea bags -Latex (only) condoms (?!) -Coffee grounds -Egg shells -Vegetable scraps -Tissues -Human hair -Any nut or soy milk -Wool socks -Brown paper bags -Newspapers -Nail clippings -Fireplace ashes -Poop (Animal) -Crumbs from your counters -Toilet paper rolls -Dryer lint -Old cotton clothing (cut into very small pieces) -Dry pet food -Dead flowers -Roadkill (don’t do this at home!) Do […]

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