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I Don’t Have a Cell Phone

I left my job at the bank in January of 2012 before Penny was born. Mr. Money was working for a restaurant and they provided him with a cell phone (an iPhone) that they paid the bill for.  When he lost his job, he obviously lost the previously paid-for cell phone plan.  This left us with a dilemma: we needed to figure out what we were going to do about our cell phone service.  Prior to him having that job, we both had Motorola Razrs (ha!) that we had on a family plan with Verizon.  The phones served their purpose and we had a basic plan. We’ve thought about starting our own business and then we could use both phones for that, but once we realized the importance of business loans we squashed that idea. Mr. Money became spoiled by the iPhone and wanted to keep the phone active.  We checked with various providers and the plans were around $80 a month, a lot more than I wanted to spend. We discussed putting both of us on a family plan […]

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Minimalism versus Frugality

I cannot stand having excess “things” around my house.  I like to have things organized and clean for the most part, and when we have too much crap it annoys me.  One thing that I struggle with is trying to figure out what to keep and store versus getting rid of and taking the risk of having to re-buy it eventually. My mother has been so generous in buying Penny clothes from yard sales and thrift stores.  However, she also has gone a little overboard and we’ve ended up with three ginormous tubs of clothes in the basement that Penny has outgrown.  She’s only wearing 12 month or 18 month clothes right now, so that’s a ton of clothes in newborn-9 month size! I struggle with deciding if I should keep everything in case we have another girl eventually, or just selling it and giving my mom the money since she bought it all in the first place.  The frugal side of me says it’s silly to get rid of anything because if we do have another girl she can […]

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