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Macaroni and Cheese and CVS deals

Yesterday after I got off work I was craving macaroni and cheese. I decided I was going to stop at CVS to pick up a box. As I got to where the food was, there was a great debate: Kraft macaroni and cheese ($1.59) versus Velveeta Shells and Cheese ($3.19). I decided on the Velveeta Shells and Cheese because it sounded better, picked up my box, and made my way to the cash register. On the way, I was kicking myself because: 1. I just bought the more expensive box of macaroni and cheese and didn’t feel like depriving myself, and 2. I should stock up on these types of things while I do my normal grocery shopping. I’d save time, money, and gas. When I got up to the register, the girl asked me if I had some type of card. I told her no, and she scanned one, rang up my box of macaroni and cheese, and sent me on my way. I was a little disturbed she didn’t offer me a card. Of course on the flip […]

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Walgreens Easy Saver Rebate Program- is it going downhill?

Normally I love going to Walgreens once a month and getting the free items, purchasing them with my gift card, and getting the price back plus 10% because I have the rebates reloaded on the gift card.  I drug Mr. Money into a Walgreens yesterday to check out July’s free items, and I was so disappointed! Here are the free items for July: TheraBreath Starter Kit, up to $10.99. Hebert’s Fully Loaded Chocolate Bars, 2.75 oz., up to $.99. Nature Made Rx Essentials, up to $9.99. That’s it!  I know I should complain about free items, and I hope this doesn’t make me sound greedy or ungrateful, but it just seems like the items that they have been offering the past few months have gone downhill.  I remember when I used to get free toothpaste and free toothbrushes and stockpile those.  No more, I guess. I really enjoyed getting the items that I already was going to buy free.  I liked having a stash of toothpaste built up. One good thing about the Walgreens Easy Saver Rebate program is that […]

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