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FREE $25 Tickle Gift Card!

I know this sounds like a scam, but I assure you it’s not. Tickle is giving away a $25 gift card! They carry all kinds of different products, from candles to aromatherapy to more, um, adult type products. They have some yummy looking candles if you’re scared of the adult products! They also carry all natural lubricants which I think is great! Here’s how it works: Go to the website, pick a $25 gift card, put it in your basket, checkout, and then go to your email. There should be a code in there for the gift card. Go back to the website, pick an item, put it in your basket, and apply the gift card. It’s that easy! I ordered my item today, so I’ll let you know when I receive it! I have not been paid for sharing this; nor am I affiliated in any way with the company. I just thought it was too great of a deal to pass up! Free Christmas gifts for someone! Tweet

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Macaroni and Cheese and CVS deals

Yesterday after I got off work I was craving macaroni and cheese. I decided I was going to stop at CVS to pick up a box. As I got to where the food was, there was a great debate: Kraft macaroni and cheese ($1.59) versus Velveeta Shells and Cheese ($3.19). I decided on the Velveeta Shells and Cheese because it sounded better, picked up my box, and made my way to the cash register. On the way, I was kicking myself because: 1. I just bought the more expensive box of macaroni and cheese and didn’t feel like depriving myself, and 2. I should stock up on these types of things while I do my normal grocery shopping. I’d save time, money, and gas. When I got up to the register, the girl asked me if I had some type of card. I told her no, and she scanned one, rang up my box of macaroni and cheese, and sent me on my way. I was a little disturbed she didn’t offer me a card. Of course on the flip […]

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Walgreens Easy Saver Rebate Program- is it going downhill?

Normally I love going to Walgreens once a month and getting the free items, purchasing them with my gift card, and getting the price back plus 10% because I have the rebates reloaded on the gift card.  I drug Mr. Money into a Walgreens yesterday to check out July’s free items, and I was so disappointed! Here are the free items for July: TheraBreath Starter Kit, up to $10.99. Hebert’s Fully Loaded Chocolate Bars, 2.75 oz., up to $.99. Nature Made Rx Essentials, up to $9.99. That’s it!  I know I should complain about free items, and I hope this doesn’t make me sound greedy or ungrateful, but it just seems like the items that they have been offering the past few months have gone downhill.  I remember when I used to get free toothpaste and free toothbrushes and stockpile those.  No more, I guess. I really enjoyed getting the items that I already was going to buy free.  I liked having a stash of toothpaste built up. One good thing about the Walgreens Easy Saver Rebate program is that […]

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