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Sometimes Convenience Items Save You Money

Yesterday I went grocery shopping with Mr. Money. I am really, really bad about cooking and making meal plans so it’s hard for me to figure out what I need to buy when I go grocery shopping. Of course, I go shop with a list so I don’t go crazy purchasing a ton of items we don’t need. I know I need to work on meal planning but that’s another issue, so I won’t go there today. 🙂 photo credit: RLHyde Mr. Money was in charge of the grocery list, and when he noticed that I had “garlic (in a jar)” on the list, he questioned me on why I would want to purchase a jar of chopped garlic when I could easily buy the fresh garlic cloves and chop them myself. I completely understand that not only is it cheaper to buy the fresh garlic and chop it myself, but it’s healthier too because it’s not processed. Why would I buy a jar of garlic? There are a couple reasons. First of all, the last time we bought fresh […]

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Average Monthly Grocery Cost?

I’m not very good at traditional budgeting. Never have been; maybe I never will be. I figure as long as I have enough money to pay the bills plus some left over, we’ll be alright. I do have a loose budget with all of our monthly bills, and as they are paid, I turn them to green from red. It works for me. That being said, I realized something today while at the grocery store. Not only did I spend $40 on pretty much one bag of groceries, but I also stressed about the total all while I was in the store. It was not a very good shopping trip. I was worried about how much money I was spending. That got me curious. Would I be less stressed if I had a budget with a set amount, or would it be even worse? Right now I shoot for $200 a month in groceries (it’s just me eating most of the time) and I wonder if that’s too low. My husband works 60 hours a week and really doesn’t eat […]

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Don’t Be Fooled By “All Natural” Claims

When purchasing food, it’s a good idea to follow the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15” lists if you’re worried about pesticide and chemical exposure. What about with other products?  When you’re purchasing groceries, body care products, or pretty much anything else, what rules do you follow?  Make sure you are an informed shopper because a lot of products make false claims.  One thing you can do is read your labels to ensure you are spending your money wisely and you’re receiving a product that you feel is beneficial. All Natural Claims Don’t Mean Anything The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesn’t monitor products that claim to be “all natural”.  In fact, a few years ago 7up was claiming to be all natural and actually changed its label because it was so misleading.  Seriously, a product that contains HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is all natural?  Okay. I can see why companies tout the “all natural” label.  It sounds better to consumers.  Would you buy brand A lunchmeat that is made with Honey Baked Ham, or would you buy brand B […]

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Green Your Fast Food and Carry Out

photo credit: The Los Angeles Trifecta While it’s not really green or frugal to eat fast food, we all know sometimes it happens. It’s not ideal because it’s nowhere near as healthy as cooking from scratch, and it’s not as frugal either. Here are a few tips to be a little greener with your fast food and carry out (is that an oxymoron?!) Park the car and go in. Sitting in the drive thru wastes money and gas while the car is idling. Refuse the bag. Many fast food chains bag their food in plastic bags that get tossed in the garbage. Only take what condiments you need. Unless you’re the extra frugal person that takes ketchup from fast food restaurants home with them, limit yourself on the number of packets of ketchup and napkins you use. The small packaging creates a lot of waste. Don’t use the plastic utensils. Chances are you’ll throw them away when done. If you’re doing carry out, use your own utensils at home. If you’re super green, carry bamboo sporks. Order vegetarian. It’s a […]

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2010 Dirty Dozen List & Clean 15 List

photo credit: Vironevaeh There’s always a lot of controversy on whether or not paying extra money for organic food is worth it. Sometimes it’s worth paying extra to reduce exposure to pesticides and chemicals, and other times it’s really not that big of a difference. That’s where the 2010 Dirty Dozen list comes in. The Environmental Working Group published a list of produce that you should buy organic if at all possible. The Dirty Dozen list includes: 1. Celery 2. Peaches 3. Strawberries 4. Apples 5. Blueberries 6. Nectarines 7. Bell Peppers 8. Spinach 9. Kale 10. Cherries 11. Potatoes 12. Grapes (Imported) One of the biggest factors is that these items either have thin skin or are grown in the ground. Both points make it easy for the produce to absorb chemicals. The EWG also puts out a “Clean 15 list” which is items that you can buy conventional (non-organic) and not panic. The Clean 15 list: 1. Onions 2. Avocado 3. Sweet Corn 4. Pineapple 5. Mangos 6. Sweet Peas 7. Asparagus 8. Kiwi 9. Cabbage 10. Eggplant […]

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What is Quinoa?

photo credit: sweetonveg Quinoa is one of my favorite foods. It’s versatile, yummy and so good for you! It’s got a funny name (pronounced keen-wah), but there’s nothing funny about it. If you’ve decided to cut back on meat to save money, quinoa is a fantastic protein substitute. Why is quinoa good for you? Quinoa is a complete protein, meaning that it contains all nine essential amino acids.  Many people think it is a grain when actually it is a member of the leafy green family. Quinoa contains manganese, magnesium, iron, tryptophan, copper, and phosphorus.  It also contains fiber, which is essential for good health.  Magnesium is a mineral that helps relax blood vessels, so it’s great for people that suffer from migraines, and also to help support cardiovascular health naturally. Quinoa is frugal and fabulous! We buy our quinoa from Costco. They have a 4 pound bag for around $7.99. It’s organic, and tastes great! Quinoa tastes slightly nutty, fluffy, and warm. I love to make a bunch of it in our rice cooker and then store it in […]

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