What is “Good Money”?

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Have you ever wondered what “good” money is? Is there a such thing as “bad” money? I don’t think so.  I hear the term all the time, in various instances.  “He must make good money.” I’ve never heard someone say “He must make bad money.”  Unless it was someone talking about a poorly made counterfeit bill. 😉

It makes me wonder exactly what people view as “good” money.  I like to think I make a decent salary, but I don’t know if I’d consider it good money.  It pays the bills, and I have enough that I can pay down debt and focus on saving money at the same time.

I know that there are wide salary ranges depending on the certain career path and location.  For example, a customer service representative in Milwaukee, Wisconsin may make $12 an hour, while a doctor there makes $100 an hour.  In California, the customer service representative may make $20 an hour and the doctor makes $200.

I’m a firm believer in it’s not how much you make, it’s what you do with it, so good money to me may not be good money to someone else.

I think a decent salary is around $45,000-50,000 a year, plus benefits.  Where I live, the cost of living is decent, so I could make that go pretty far!

What do you consider “good money” when it comes to salary? Where do you live?


How Do You Shop- Online or Locally?

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The other day I went to one of our local health foods stores in search of some jojoba oil for my hair and skin. I found it and when I realized it was $14.99 for 4 ounces, my eyes bugged out, I put it back on the shelf and decided I would look for it elsewhere. I came home, looked for it on amazon.com and found 4 ounces of organic jojoba oil for around $6. With shipping, it came to around $11, and I thought about it for a minute.  I didn’t end up ordering it.

It’s a few dollars cheaper online, but I felt bad ordering it from a stranger online versus supporting my local health foods store.  I love the atmosphere (even though it’s pretty small and expensive), the people, and I would hate to see them go out of business.  I felt bad that I didn’t buy it in the store!

I’m a big believer in supporting local businesses whenever possible.  My husband works for an independent restaurant in the city, and we try to limit our dining out experiences to locally owned and operated restaurants.  Someone’s got to support the small guys.  They are what keeps our communities going!

Truth be told, I still haven’t made a decision on where I’m going to buy it from.  Part of me thinks that it’s an unnecessary expense because I can use coconut oil for skin and hair, but another part of me wants jojoba oil.

How do you balance being frugal versus shopping locally?  What is more important to you?


Helping Haiti $1 at a Time

I’m going to be really brave here, and going to do something maybe a little crazy. I’m going to donate $1 to the Haiti relief efforts for each new subscriber and comment made on this post. So, if you are not subscribed yet, please do so via this link. It will track how many new subscribers I get starting today and you will essentially have donated $1 to help Haiti.

If you are already subscribed, you can recommend a friend to subscribe to my feed and also leave a comment letting me know which charity you think I should give the money to.   Let’s raise some money for Haiti!

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