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Gas Discounts: Cash Versus Credit

This past week I spent time up in Michigan with my family.  I drove there, and of course had to stop a few times to get gas.  There were a few things I noticed over the different places I observed gas prices.  For one, it was cheaper to buy gas when I left on Saturday, May 28 in the South versus anywhere else I saw.  While in Michigan over the week, I noticed the gas prices jumping to $4.19 a gallon! Ridiculous.  I thought gas prices were supposed to go down. Another thing I hate about getting gas in Michigan is that there’s a different price for cash versus credit.  Where I live, this option does not exist, and I am so glad!  I use a gas rewards credit card to earn money back on each gas purchase, so when there’s a difference of ten cents a gallon less when you pay cash, it kills me!  I can’t help but think I could be getting the gas cheaper if I was strictly paying cash.  Of course, if I calculate it, […]

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Picking the Right Credit Card for Overseas Travel Can Save You a Lot of Green

This is a guest article written by Odysseas Papadimitriou, the founder and CEO of Card Hub, an online marketplace for discounted gift cards and the best credit card deals. For many people, especially recent college grads, backpacking through Europe is a rite of passage. It’s a time to see the world, to enjoy a life devoid of obligation and to come of age. However, despite all the freedom and growth such a trip can inspire, one of the lasting takeaways is often the impact it has on one’s finances. In fact, this is true whether you’re backpacking or staying in five star hotels, whether your degree is hot off the presses or you have an established career. Foreign travel is unfortunately quite expensive, and if you don’t take a few simple precautions before embarking, it will be even more costly than it truly has to be. The first thing anyone traveling abroad needs to do is make sure they have debit cards and credit cards with no foreign fees. While such spending vehicles will certainly prove beneficial abroad given that […]

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