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Picking the Right Credit Card for Overseas Travel Can Save You a Lot of Green

This is a guest article written by Odysseas Papadimitriou, the founder and CEO of Card Hub, an online marketplace for discounted gift cards and the best credit card deals. For many people, especially recent college grads, backpacking through Europe is a rite of passage. It’s a time to see the world, to enjoy a life devoid of obligation and to come of age. However, despite all the freedom and growth such a trip can inspire, one of the lasting takeaways is often the impact it has on one’s finances. In fact, this is true whether you’re backpacking or staying in five star hotels, whether your degree is hot off the presses or you have an established career. Foreign travel is unfortunately quite expensive, and if you don’t take a few simple precautions before embarking, it will be even more costly than it truly has to be. The first thing anyone traveling abroad needs to do is make sure they have debit cards and credit cards with no foreign fees. While such spending vehicles will certainly prove beneficial abroad given that […]

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We are Credit Card Debt Free!

photo credit: kainr Well, we did it! I bit the bullet and finally made the last payment on our Home Depot Credit Card.  It made no sense to me to keep making payments each month when we had the money to pay it off, so I just did it.  It was a wash anyway! I could have kept the money in our ING savings account, but it seems that is not really a high yield savings account right now anyway. I figured that if I left that money in the savings account for 6 months I’d earn under $1.50. Was the hassle of making the payments each month worth it to me? No. How does it feel to be credit card debt free? Fabulous! To be honest, I feel better than I did when we paid off our student loans. Crazy, right? Next up: the car loan.  And then we’ll be 100% debt free except for our mortgage.  Woo! What are you working on paying off right now, if anything? Tweet

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Is Credit Card Debt Ever Acceptable?

photo credit: TheTruthAbout… A few months ago we purchased a new dishwasher from Home Depot to replace the one that stopped working correctly over a year ago.  We picked out a pretty nice model; not too expensive, but much nicer than what we had before.   We got a really good deal on it because we bought it on Black Friday sale, and have been really pleased with its performance so far.  The only downfall about the situation?  We put it on a credit card and haven’t paid it off yet. Now, before you start throwing stuff at me, I have to explain that we were able to take advantage of 0% interest, no payments for a year from our Home Depot credit card.  We have the money in the bank if we want to pay it off, but I just haven’t brought myself to do so yet.  I don’t want to see our balance go down that much, so I keep making payments on it whenever I get paid.  There’s no question on whether or not our credit cards will […]

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How My Credit Cards Help Me in my Finances, Budgeting and Saving Money

Hi, this is Mr Credit Card from I’ve read about Mr. and Mrs. Money’s credit card stories and today, I would like to talk a bit about how I actually use credit cards as a budgeting and convenience tool and also how I use it to save money. If you are looking for a better credit card, please check out my best credit card offers and deals section. There are two camps and schools of thoughts with regards to the use of credit cards. One school believes credit cards are “evil” and they lead folks to overspend. If it were in the wrong hands, that is certainly true. Then there are obviously those like myself who pay off the bills in full every month and take advantage of reward programs. For folks like us, credit cards are simply a tool to be taken advantage of. But to me, there is more to that than getting rewards, I use credit cards as a way to budget, keep track of expenses, run my business and also make use of their various […]

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FICO Credit Scoring Holiday Tips

Only 43% of consumers will cut back on holiday spending this year, compared to 55% in 2008, according to a Consumer Federation of America survey. While increased consumer optimism spells good news for retailers, for Americans planning to “stretch” the budget, the New Year could bring falling credit scores, and with it, serious consequences. Here are some fail-safe tips from FICO Credit Guru Shon Dellinger to help enthusiastic shoppers stay financially sound: 1. Be Smart with Credit. Using a credit card is ok – experts agree having 3-5 credit cards helps your credit, if used responsibly. But carrying a balance on your credit card leaves you (1) stuck paying interest that could cost you, in some cases, double or triple the cost of those gifts in the long run and (2) with a much lower credit score, which could jack up interest rates on your credit cards and jeopardize your chance of getting lines of credit elsewhere (buying a house, a car, etc.). Services like FICO Score Watch combat this by providing emails or texts alerting you to any changes […]

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Do we need Another Credit Card?

A few months ago, Mr. Money had issues with his Capital One credit card where they kept charging him a $39 annual fee. While we’re thankful to be done with them because of the horrible customer service we’ve received, we are also facing a problem. Mr. Money doesn’t have any credit cards on his credit report now. The only credit cards we have are our National City Everyday Rewards and a Home Depot credit card that we used to purchase our appliances. I have a card and Mr. Money is an authorized user as well on both accounts. He’s got his own card so he can access the accounts, but the payments are not showing up on his credit report. I’m a little concerned about his credit score being negatively affected because he has no revolving lines of credit on his credit report. These are the options we’re considering: opening up a credit card in just Mr. Money’s name, or closing out my National City credit card and applying for a joint one. If we open a credit card in […]

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