How to Be Responsible With Credit Cards

Irresponsible spending on credit cards often leads to financial ruin. This is because consumers just spend and worry about the bills later. Credit card statements are one of the most ignored pieces of mail. Missing a payment affects your credit and results in more interest being tacked on to your balance, thus reducing your available credit.

Pay Off Balances

If you need to use your credit card, make small purchase like gas or groceries. Pay off these balances when you get the bill. Don’t let them linger by making only minimum payments. It is a good rule of thumb to refrain from making purchases that you cannot pay in full when the statement comes.

While keeping revolving credit active on your credit report it does show financial responsibility in regards to on-time payments. However, the recurring interest does not help you financially.

Pay More than Minimum Payments

If you cannot pay the balance in full when the statement does arrive, at least double the payment or make it considerably more than the minimum amount due. Paying only minimum is not paying down the principal or amount spent, it is merely cutting down the interest

Only have 2 Active Credit Cards

It is a good idea to only have 2 active credit cards. Having multiple credit cards is the leading cause of financial debt. While you may have the income and credit to qualify for multiple credit cards, maxing every card out puts you in financial distress. Two credit cards are ideal because you limit yourself to how much you can spend.

This practice also helps you better maintain your finances balancing out when the payments are due and still being able to make more than the minimum payment due.

Refrain from Frequent Retail Therapy Excursions

Credit cards should be for emergency purposes and large purchases only. Many consumers just spend and spend without thinking about the payments. Retail therapy is a big problem when you have plastic to purchase it with. A good rule of thumb here is, if you can’t pay for it with cash or it is not a necessity, leave it at the store.

Being responsible with credit accounts is important. Bad credit can stop you from buying a house, purchasing a safer vehicle and can even prevent you from being hired for employment.

Many companies require a credit check for new hires, which shows financial responsibility. It reflects on your personal character with a potential employer.


Southwest credit card offers and My Quest of Juggling between my Family and My Job

About a year ago, I was scouted for a great job opportunity that I simply could not pass up. The only problem was that I had to leave home. Since it was the middle of the school year, we decided that I would go ahead while my wife and kids would finish the school year.

Needless to say, I didn’t much like the idea of not being with my family and quickly realized that I needed to get home at least every weekend. One of my new co-workers suggested that I look into Southwest credit card offers so that I could earn something while flying back and forth so often. Since Southwest offered the best flights for me, I looked into the cards and quickly discovered that the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card was perfect.

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 11.45.52 PM

To start with, I received two points for every $1 spent on Southwest Airlines and AirTran when I purchased the tickets directly from the airline. Using Southwest’s online booking tool is fast and easy, so it was never a problem to earn my bonus points. Additionally, I earned a point for every $1 I spent on any other purchase too. It only took a few flights to start seeing real results.

In fact, the results came faster than I ever would have expected. After I spent $1,000 on my new card in the first three months, I was surprised to find 25,000 bonus points in my account, which was enough for a roundtrip back home!

The benefits didn’t end with purchases either. Southwest lets my bags fly free, which is a great help since I always like bringing something home for my kids every time I see them, and I’m always taking stuff back to steadily set up our new home, so there is less to move over the summer. Additionally, the reward seats are unlimited with no blackout dates, so I can use my points as soon as I earn enough for a trip. Also, my points don’t expire, which means I can save up to take my family on vacation when life returns to normal.

The Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card provided me with exactly what I was looking for already, but there were more surprises in store. One Friday in March, I was faced with last minute changes to a presentation that we were giving early Monday morning. Immediately, I knew I was not going to be able to make my flight. In my experience with other flights I have been forced to change in the past, I was already resigned to a huge fee to fly out the next morning instead. I called Southwest Airlines, feeling a little put out because I was going to miss my family that night, and I was expecting to be hit with a heavy charge. However, when the agent came on the line and I explained the situation, she surprised me by telling me there was no fee to change and that I would only need to pay the difference in the fare! This lightened the load for me considerably and made me more relaxed and confident booking in the future, knowing that I would not be asked to make large payments if my plans changed.

When the summer finally arrived, I was able to get the entire family moved to our new home. I was able to take the entire family on a weeklong vacation as a thank you for being so supportive through several difficult months. I had never needed to use a hotel or car rental when back at home with them, so imagine my surprise to find out that paying for Southwest Airlines partner hotels and car rental companies provided me again with two points for every $1 spent. My family had a great time, and the points on the card kept on adding up.

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 11.46.00 PM

Even though I don’t travel like I used to, I still use my card for everyday purchases, like groceries, school supplies, even the power bill, and each time, I am still earning more points. Additionally, I discovered just recently that I earned 6,000 points just for remaining a member for a full year!

Already, the kids are getting excited for our next summer trip, and I can’t deny that it’s rubbing off on us. This year, we’re hitting the high seas on a week-long cruise, and we’re definitely taking Southwest Airlines to get to the port. I was able to use points to get our flights and cruise, which more than made up for the $99 annual membership fee.

The Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card has been a lifesaver over the last year, providing me with rewards for the things I was going to buy anyway. Now, I don’t purchase anything without it, and I know we’ll enjoy amazing vacations this year and every year for quite some time!


Free Credit Score- Credit Sesame Review

I think it’s important to check your credit report and credit scores at least once a year. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure accuracy of the credit report and hopefully mitigate any potential fraud. Credit Sesame is a great company that helps you receive your credit score for free, as well as help you manage your debt better. Here’s how it works:

-Sign up for a free Credit Sesame account. You will have to provide your social security number as well as some other identifying information. Credit Sesame uses Experian to pull your credit score. Credit Sesame uses the same safe encryption methods as financial institutions, so your information is safe.

-Next, you’ll receive an analysis of your debt as collected from your credit report. They will evaluate whether or not you may be able to save money on interest rates, and if you’re receiving the best deals. Credit Sesame will comb through many different scenarios to come up with a solution that may better fit your needs. They take all the leg work out for you!

Free Credit Score

Credit Sesame will provide you with a free credit score. Keep in mind that because the score comes from Experian, it is not a FICO credit score. I think it’s awesome to be provided with a free credit score!

Do you check your credit regularly?

Sign up with Credit Sesame today to get your free credit score.

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