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How to P*ss off your Banker

photo credit: TheTruthAbout… Have you ever been waited on by a teller and you can tell that they’re annoyed, either with you, or something else? Have you wondered what happened to make them so mad?  Here are some some things that bankers find annoying. 1. Standing in line (or in the drive thru), loudly yakking away on the phone. At my bank, we’re required to make small talk with customers.  I’ve seen tellers not call customers up to their windows until they are finished with their conversation.  I think it’s rude to interrupt the customer just as much as it is to stand in line talking on the phone. 2. Not having deposit slips filled out. Deposit slips really should be in the customer’s handwriting.  Not only does this help the teller assist you quickly, but it also reduces the risk for error. If you don’t know your account number, that’s one thing, but if you expect the teller to fill out that you want to deposit $20 and get $50 back, please do that yourself.  Trust me, the teller […]

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A Teller Deposited Too Much Money- Can I Keep it?

Last week I received a call from my uncle, who said he had some banking questions to ask me. He said that he had transferred money from his savings account to his checking about three weeks ago and he noticed that it wasn’t on his statement. He wondered why it would take that long to show up and what he should do. I told him that chances are the teller or the branch is out of balance and they would certainly appreciate a call since they may not know where the error is. He called the next day, talked to the manager, and she said that no one was out of balance and it must be his mistake. He asked me what exactly happens when an error is made like this.  I told him that bank employees definitely do make mistakes, and that honesty is always the best policy and that sooner or later I’ll bet the bank realizes the mistake and debits his account.  The bank can do that, you know. When we lived in Colorado, I had a […]

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Don’t Ever Pay ATM Fees Again!

photo credit: Peter Hellberg Have you ever found yourself without cash and you can’t find one of your bank’s ATMs around? I’m going to let you in on a little secret that can help you avoid getting charged foreign ATM fees. Go inside the bank and ask for a cash advance. Now before you start freaking out, I’m suggesting that you ask for a cash advance on your debit card, and not your credit card.  I think cash advances on credit cards should only be used in very dire emergencies. It’s funny, because many people don’t ever think to use their debit card to get a cash advance.  If you go into the bank, the tellers should be able to swipe the debit card, process it as a cash advance, and the money should just get debited from your account with no fees on either end!  As far as I know, this works with any Visa or Mastercard debit card. Traveling overseas and don’t want to pay foreign transaction fees?  Head into the bank.  You most likely won’t save yourself […]

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Double Check Your Bank Receipts

photo credit: ilovememphis One of the things that I consider most important about saving money while shopping is to make sure you check your receipts. I can’t tell you how many mistakes I’ve caught with either the cashier typing something in incorrectly, or an item not ringing up on sale when it should have. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty important step to ensure that you are saving the most money possible whenever you’re buying groceries or goods. The other day I was at work and decided I was going to use some snowflake money to make a principal only payment on our mortgage.  I told the teller that I’d like to apply that to principal only, gave her the check and payment slip, and went back to my station.  A few minutes later, she brought my receipt back.  I looked at it and realized that it said “regular payment”.  I told her of the error, she corrected the mistake, reversed the transaction, and applied the funds as principal only.  No harm, no foul. But what would have happened if I didn’t […]

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Is Credit Card Debt Ever Acceptable?

photo credit: TheTruthAbout… A few months ago we purchased a new dishwasher from Home Depot to replace the one that stopped working correctly over a year ago.  We picked out a pretty nice model; not too expensive, but much nicer than what we had before.   We got a really good deal on it because we bought it on Black Friday sale, and have been really pleased with its performance so far.  The only downfall about the situation?  We put it on a credit card and haven’t paid it off yet. Now, before you start throwing stuff at me, I have to explain that we were able to take advantage of 0% interest, no payments for a year from our Home Depot credit card.  We have the money in the bank if we want to pay it off, but I just haven’t brought myself to do so yet.  I don’t want to see our balance go down that much, so I keep making payments on it whenever I get paid.  There’s no question on whether or not our credit cards will […]

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Should We Switch our Main Checking Account to ING?

Since the bank that we hold our main checking account at has been purchased by another bank and is merging, we’re going to be getting a new type of checking account and new account numbers. The benefits and features should stay the same, but I’m kind of nervous about the changes.  I don’t want to have problems with fees or funds availability.  So I’ve been thinking about switching our main checking account to ING.  It’s funny, because I received an email the other day from ING, saying that if we open up a checking account and make three signature-based transactions we’ll get a $50 bonus. Sounds awesome, right? Pros: Fee free overdraft protection. Although that’s not a feature I plan on using, it’s still something I want to have in case of an emergency. No minimum balance. Sometimes I have less than $100 in our checking account and I want to be able to keep it that way if I so desire. No monthly maintenance fees. I don’t want to pay a maintenance fee each month either. Linked to our […]

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