All About Cloth Diapers: Flats and Prefolds

Cloth diapering is an excellent way to save money and reduce waste.  Disposable paper diapers are made with dangerous chemicals, use resources, and can take over 500 years to break down in a landfill.  Before we got pregnant, I made the decision to cloth diaper Penny for all the aforementioned reasons.  We decided to buy cotton prefold diapers and PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) diaper covers to try.  I’m very glad we did, as they worked fabulously for us while we used them.  Unfortunately, she is sensitive to wet cotton rubbing her and would get a rash so we had to switch to a different kind of cloth diaper.

Penny in a prefold cloth diaper with Boingos

Flat diapers and prefolds are an excellent way to start cloth diapering.  Flat diapers are “old school” and are pieces of single layer cotton fabric measuring about 27×27 inches.  They need to be folded in a certain way before being put on the baby, and there are many different folds available.  Flat diapers are the least expensive option for cloth diapering. One option for cloth diapering is to buy 24 flats and 4-6 covers.  That would cost you as little as $37.90 for 2 dozen OsoCozy Unbleached Birdseye Flat Diapers and $39.80 for 4 Econobum Covers. For $77.70 you could cloth diaper from birth to potty training. Of course, I’d personally recommend more than 4 covers but you could make do.

Prefold diapers are a rectangle that are several layers thick, with more layers in the middle for absorbency.  They need to be folded before put on the baby, but you can also tri fold them and lay them in covers.   If you want to attach them to the baby, you can use a Snappi , a pair of Boingos, or plain old diaper pins.  For $51.90, you can purchase 2 dozen Prefold Cloth Diapers and use those tri folded from birth to potty training.  You’ll still need to buy diaper covers to make them waterproof, but even then it’s still super cheap! With prefolds if you attach them on the baby, you will need to buy different sizes of prefolds unless you buy the traditional sized ones and fold down the extra fabric.  We purchased three dozen infant sized ones and Penny can still use them tri folded into pocket diapers.

Penny in a wool diaper cover

PUL diaper covers are much different than plastic pants.  They come in many different brands and have either a velcro or snap closure.  For our diapers, we picked snaps because they last longer and never need to be replaced.  Also, I think when a baby sits up and the front part of their diaper hits their tummy, snaps are much more comfortable than velcro.  The diaper cover is what makes the diaper waterproof.

Wool diaper covers are more expensive than PUL covers but are so cute, soft, and breathe better than PUL.  If you are looking for an all natural diaper cover, wool is the way to go! It is also naturally antibacterial and will also absorb a small amount while still being water resistant.  Wool covers can be excellent for night time diapering!

Pros of cotton cloth diapers: they are inexpensive, they wash up well, you can generally use them for more than one baby, and they can take a beating.  I love cotton cloth diapers because they absorb more quickly than a synthetic fiber, such as microfiber. Also, you are much less likely to have compression leaks with cotton versus microfiber.

What’s your opinion on cloth diapering?

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Boba Carrier 3g Review

I love wearing Penny, and to be honest, sometimes it’s the only way I’m able to get things done! Either she’s fussy and just wants to be held, or I want to keep her from getting into trouble while I try to do laundry or clean. Babywearing helps me in so many ways, and it also benefits Penny! I’ve tried a few different styles of baby carriers so far (it’s addicting!) and one of my favorites is the Boba 3g. Here are some of the features I love about this soft structured carrier (SSC).

Picture courtesy of Boba

It’s super easy to use. Once you adjust it to your personal settings, you just clip two buckles (one at the waist and one at the shoulders) and it is secure. My dad has used the Boba 3g Carrier, and you just let out the straps (or take them in) and it’s good to go for another person.

The comfort is amazing. My mother was skeptical about the Boba Carrier hurting her back.  She tried it and loved it!  I have worn Penny for hours at a parade and had no discomfort at all.  The straps are padded so they are very comfortable.  The baby’s weight seems to be evenly distributed so you don’t feel any pressure points.

You can use it for newborns with no separate insert. Other SSC carriers you have to purchase a “newborn insert” to use it for babies 7-15 pounds.  With the Boba 3g, you just flip up the bottom, snap it, and it makes a little pocket to put the baby in.  It’s safe, and it works.  Since Penny is tiny at around 13 pounds, I’ve used this carry with her and she really likes it because she can see over the carrier.

Purse holding strap and pockets. The Boba 3g carrier has a little snap-able purse holding strap. It is harder to carry your purse while using a baby carrier sometimes and having the purse holding strap is not only great for convenience, it’s wonderful for safety as well.  Since it snaps, it would be harder for someone to steal your purse.  The Boba also has nice little zipping pockets that you can put keys or other small items in if you need storage.  I think this is awesome!  I like to take Penny for walks around the neighborhood, and it’s nice to be able to store my keys in the carrier versus having to carry them in my hand.

It’s beautiful and 100% cotton. I chose the “Soho” print and love it.  I really like that it is eye-catching, and when I go out in public I know it turns heads.  The all-cotton fabric is so nice because it is breathable.  I haven’t felt really hot while wearing Penny because of it.  We have been baby wearing all summer, despite the 100 degree heat!

The hood is so convenient. The Boba 3g comes with a hood that goes into a small pocket at the top of the carrier.  I have used the hood to protect Penny from the sun, and also when she naps.  If I forget a hat or sunglasses (or she just doesn’t want to leave them on!) I don’t worry because I can just flip the hood up.  No big deal!

The high back and foot straps. The carrier is nice and high, which makes it secure for small babies as well as larger toddlers.  With the Boba 3g Carrier, you can use it from newborn to toddler without having to buy a new carrier.  I think this is a great investment.

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What Baby Items Do I Need to Keep?

As you can imagine, we received many gifts when we found out we were expecting Penny and also after her birth.  I’ve said before that I didn’t want a ton of baby “things” and that still holds true.  However, my mother never got that memo (well, she did but she’s an excited grandmother) and went completely overboard.  I appreciate her gesture, but it is overwhelming to go through numerous garbage bags full of baby clothes and toys multiple times.  I’ve gone through and donated items to some less fortunate mamas and that makes me feel good.  Now that Penny is 5 months old I’m starting to go through and evaluate what we want to keep for future babies.  Here are some of the things we have, and what we plan on doing with them.

Baby swing: keeping.  Penny still uses it, and it was a shower gift brand new, so it stays.  The only time it gets used is when I shower, and then it’s presence is invaluable.

Pack N Play:keeping. We’ve used this as a changing table and I’m anticipating using it as Penny grows.

Bouncer: Not sure.  We got a pink bouncer brand new (we wanted the big items all gender neutral, which they are) but I don’t know if it is worth storing for 2-3 years or so.

Bumbo Baby Seat: Probably selling.  They can easily be purchased on Craigslist usually.

Crib: keeping, as it was purchased brand new with an organic crib mattress.

-Outgrown clothing: keeping some of it, donating the excess and items I wouldn’t use anyway.  There’s no sense in keeping a million baby clothes.

All of the larger items that were purchased new and that are gender neutral we’ll most likely keep.  Items that were purchased second hand that still have life left will most likely be sold on Craigslist or gifted to a friend.  There are so many baby items that you can buy second hand it’s not even funny.

What really gets me is that people say you need a ton of things for baby, and having babies is so expensive, when really, you can do it so cheaply.  Pretty much the only things we’ve really needed and used for Penny are cloth diapers, boobies (for milk), a wrap or carrier. clothes, and a safe place to sleep.  It truly is amazing how little you really need.  It is nice to have somewhere to set them down when you need to, but you can always lay them on a blanket on the floor.

What baby items did you decide to keep, and which ones did you get rid of?

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