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Diono Pacifica Review

Since Penny was born, we’ve had a few car seats: her infant car seat, and two convertible car seats.  The first convertible we bought Penny she didn’t like because she couldn’t see out the windows.  We bought a new one that sat her higher up and she much preferred that to the old one.  As she grew, it became harder to get her in and out of the car seat due to the high sides.  I grew frustrated of having to lift her in the seat and sometimes almost hit her head on the top of the car!  We started researching and came across the Diono Pacifica, and fell in love.  The Diono Pacifica is sleek, has low sides for easy loading, and is also very narrow, making it a great choice.  We are still rear facing Penny and plan to until she is at least 4 years old.  Penny is now 3 years old, about 36″ and 24 pounds.   The Diono Pacifica is installed with LATCH in a 2005 Ford Freestyle. The basics: Rear facing weight range: 5-50 pounds Rear […]

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One and Only Child

After the birth of our daughter Penny, I said I wanted at least two more babies.  My thinking was that since we had such a hard time conceiving the first time (we were even considering adoption at one point) surely the second time it would be much easier.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.  Last year about this time we decided we would like to try to have another baby.  I met with a new doctor who is a fertility specialist, and she devised a plan to help us get pregnant.  I went through various medications, shots, hormones, ultrasounds, etc. and no progress.  Mr. Money and I decided after me not responding to fertility treatments that maybe we were just meant to have Penny and be satisfied at that.  It took me awhile (and sometimes it’s still really hard for me to go through her baby clothes or our cloth diapers) but as of today I am satisfied with my beautiful daughter and am trying to move forward.  One of the things that helps me cope is focusing on the positive parts of […]

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