Carnival of Personal Finance!


Welcome to the Carnival of Personal Finance!

Here are the Editor’s Picks:

-Kristina from DINKS Finance’s The Cost of Our Jobs

-pfincome from Passive Family Income shares 8 Tips for Earning Freelance Income.

-Len from Len Penzo dot Com says Your Big Fat Expensive Wedding: Stupid Is As Stupid Does.

Here are the awesome posts that were included this week:

PT from PT Money presents Mortgage Short Sale: Tips for Buying and Selling, and says, “Tips for a successful mortgage short sale.”

ElizabethG (Modern Gal) from Modern Gal presents Should I Take a Year Off?.

mbhunter from Mighty Bargain Hunter presents A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is protection money, and says, “A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is protection money. Protection from what, you might ask?”

Jenn @ Paying Myself from Paying Myself presents Getting Away: Don’t Forget Travel Insurance, and says, “This is a post about my hunt for travel insurance after we declined the insurance offered with our vacation package. It’s impossible to predict if you will end up needing medical care while travelling, and probably unlikely that you will, but for the price of medical insurance you will kick yourself if you don’t purchase it and end up paying out of pocket for medical care!

Helen from Science and Money presents Worse For You Than a Twinkie: Derivatives in Mutual Fund, and says, “Junk isn’t just for food or bonds, anymore. Now it’s in our mutual funds, too.”

Daniel from Sweating The Big Stuff presents 10 Money Saving Home Repairs, and says, “Some of these are surprisingly basic but can save thousands of dollars in the long run.”

Revanche from A Gai Shan Life presents A horrifying question, and says, “What happens with a usually savvy PF blogger takes a leap of faith? LIFE.”

And the follow-up to the post if it’s wanted: follow up

Clint from Accumulating Money presents Should You Invest in a BRIC ETF?

Tim Chen from NerdWallet Credit Card Watch presents Costco TrueEarnings: the Best Credit Card for Well-Rounded Spenders? , and says, “What if you want to maximize credit card rewards, but don’t want to bother juggling multiple rewards programs and multiple monthly bills? You just want to find the one card that fits your spending habits the best and move on with your life. In that case, the Amex TrueEarnings Card from Costco might be exactly what you’re looking for.”

The Smarter Wallet from The Smarter Wallet presents 5 DIY Home Improvement Jobs You Can Do To Save Money, and says, “Some ideas for saving money when doing home improvement projects.”

Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Preferred Stock vs Common Stock Investing, and says, “I discuss the difference between investing in preferred stock vs common stock.”

Jason from One Money Design presents Should You Get a Job or Go to Graduate School?, and says, “This is a tough question for a lot of graduates. What do you think they should consider before making this decision?”

Jim from Identity Theft Wall presents Review Your Credit Reports Every Year.

Jacob A. Irwin from My Personal Finance Journey presents A Credit Card Debt Saga – And How I Survived, and says, “A guest post about one person’s journey in to credit card debt and action steps they took to get out of the trap.”

2 Cents from Balance Junkie presents Stocks and Bonds: Pros and Cons, and says, “Here’s a look at the pros and cons of investing in stocks or bonds in the current economic environment.”

Donna Freedman from Surviving and Thriving presents The unbearable heaviness of student debt., and says, “Gargantuan loans taken out with no clear idea of how they’ll be repaid. Sound familiar? Actually, there’s a crucial difference between subprime mortgages and student loans: You can’t return your diploma to the school and walk away from college debt. ”

Sean Smarty from Grow Money presents Top 10 High-Yield Savings Accounts July 2010.

Arjun R. from Investing Thesis presents There is a very strong correlation between home ownership and financial fitness [SURVEY], and says, “Despite the recent interest rate hike to 0.75% by the Bank of Canada, new statistics show that despite the recession, homeowners feel good about their finances. However, as with regular exercise, there is always room for improvement and even financially fit homeowners can still benefit from further education and understanding of how best to manage their money.”

Craig from Free From Broke presents In Defense of the Traditional IRA, and says, “Some say the Roth IRA is the best investment vehicle for an IRA but there are times when a traditional IRA is superior.”

Pierre from Intelligent Speculator presents What are your financial motivations?, and says, “There are different factors that make us decide to be financially independent, and the Intelligent Speculator tells us about what motivates him to meet his goals.”

Mike from The Financial Blogger presents Buying vs. Renting a Home: Which is the better alternative?, and says, “This has always been a question on everyone’s mind, and Financial Blogger helps you to choose whether buying or renting is for you.”

Nathan Richardson from ComplexSearch presents VAT Tax – What It Is and What it Would Mean for America, and says, “There’s been much ado about the potential for the dreaded Value Added Tax (VAT) of late since the economic reality of America’s borrow and spend mantra is starting to hit home. Here is an explanation on what VAT Tax really is.”

Rob from Daily Financial Solutions presents Why I gave Up Quicken.

J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy presents Introducing Strip Budgeting, and says, “The problem with budgeting is that is can become mechanical and boring. What if we could spice it up a notch?!”

Andy from Saving to Invest presents Am I saving enough for retirement?, and says, “How much money you will need to have saved at retirement to generate a given income.”

vh from Funny about Money presents Changes in Your Credit Card Statement, and says, “The Financial Regulatory Reform Act requires credit card statements to contain clear explanations of what revolving debt actually costs you. American Express’s new credit card statement presents data in textboxes with a busy background, making important sections hard to read. Deliberate obfuscation? A workaround of the act’s requirements? Or just the heedless customer disservice?”

Miranda from Moolanomy presents You Need an Emergency Fund: Expect the Unexpected.

Mike from Green Panda Treehouse presents Should I borrow money from family?, and says, “Borrowing from family sounds easy enough, but there are a lot of things that needs to be considered.”

Simon Zhen from Realm of Prosperity presents 3 Lessons My Parents Never Taught Me About Credit Cards.

Bob from Christian Finances presents Frugal Home Repairs: Should You Hire or Do It Yourself?, and says, “A look at how to decide if you should save money doing repairs yourself or if you should hire someone.”

Mike from Money Smarts Blog presents Evicting a Little Old Lady – A Tenant From Hell Story, and says, “Good lesson for those that think real estate investing is passive income.”

MD from Studenomics presents Managing Money When You Have An Irregular Income , and says, “A must read article for all of the students/freelances with a irregular income.”

Jill from My Dollar Plan presents What the Financial Reform Bill Means for You, and says, “Here’s everything you need to know about what the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act means for you.”

Paul Williams from Provident Planning presents How to Get Out of Debt: Step 9 – Top Off Your Emergency Fund, and says, “After you’ve paid off your debt, you’ll want to follow up your success with a couple steps to prevent future debt. The first thing you’ll need to focus on is your emergency fund.”

Nicole from Nicole and Maggie: Grumpy Rumblings presents Satisficing as a life philosophy.

Doug Warshauer from Doug Warshauer presents Does Computerized Trading Affect Long Term Investors?.

FruGal from FruGal presents Get a good deal on your rent.

Jason from Live Real, Now presents Selling Your Home: For Sale By Owner.

Lauren from Richly Reasonable presents Can you really afford a dog?, and says, “Husband and I are dog lovers, though we have none. This week we get to dogsit Badger, a lab/greyhound mix with a pension for burrowing under the covers. If we were impulsive people we would abscond with this dog to Mexico; she is that awesome. But alas, we are planners and, aside from the obvious faults with the Mexico plan, we have our reasons for not having a dog already. ”

RJ Weiss from Gen Y Wealth presents The Gen Y Guide to Managing Your Credit, and says, “Optimizing your credit score and credit history, has become an essential personal finance skill. Like it or not, your credit score can determine your ability to build wealth.

Doctor S from Finance Your Life presents Life Without Cable or Internet, and says, “Recently, I was put to the test of having to live without both Internet and cable. If you were put to such a task, which one would you be able to give up?”

Craig Ford from Money Help For Christians presents Debt Snowball Explained | What is a Debt Snowball, and says, “This primer article is a resource for anyone who is considering their options for getting out of debt.”

Darren from MORE than Finances presents Should You Rent Or Buy Your Home?, and says, “One thing we all have in common is the need for a roof over our heads. Yet many people debate whether they should rent or buy that roof. How do you know which is right for you?”

B Simple from Simple Financial Lifestyle presents 10 reasons not to have a Will.

Financial Uproar from Financial Uproar presents Blogger Jamboree #1: If You Could Invest In Only One Company, Which Would It Be?, and says, “I ask my favorite bloggers a simple question: if they could only invest in what company what would it be? It was awesome to get all their opinions.”

John from The Best Money Blog presents Using F.E.A.R. To Make Money, and says, “Why are you so afraid of your own success? Do you even realize that fear is what is keeping you from reaching your goals? The number one reason that most people fail to meet their economic expectations is fear. You must learn how to overcome this fear if you ever want to move beyond your current fiscal situation.”

Jr. Boomer from Consumer Boomer presents How To Get The Best Deal on Mortgages, and says, “I’ve heard of some friends who had locked in a favorable 30 year mortgage rate in January of this year and they are already looking to refinance. Now that is finding a good deal on your mortgage rate! If you’re looking to refinance or just get a mortgage rate for the first time, here’s some to tips to help you out.

Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents presents Different Types of Bankruptcy, and says, ” Bankruptcy will not necessarily clear all debts, and there are several types of bankruptcy. Indeed, bankruptcy law allows for a variety of situations, and you will need to consider which type of bankruptcy is most likely to be best for you.”

Kaye from Mrs Nespy’s Frugal World presents What a Mistake Cost Us, and says, “Honest mistake or not, it still cost us big!”

bbkjbbkj from Dividends Value presents 10 Dividend Stocks Delivering A Quick Payback, and says, “Payback is the amount of time needed for an investment to earn its cost, undiscounted. For example, if you buy a dividend stock for $100 that pays a $5 annual dividend, the payback is 20 years (100/5). Though not very sophisticated, payback can still help you screen for good, solid dividend growth stocks. I learned this lesson the hard way?”

Ramsay from Moneyedup presents Blackberry Financial Apps, and says, “Like many other areas of life, your mindset and attitude can make the difference between financial success and a life of living paycheck to paycheck.”

Neal Frankle from Wealth Pilgrim presents 12 of the Best Small Business Ideas You Can Open With Very Little Money, and says, “I racked my brain and came up with 12 of the best small business ideas you can open with very little money.

Kevin from Financially Poor presents The Path To Financial Freedom: Boundaries.

ctreit from Money Obedience presents Happiness leads to good personal finances. (Wait, it’s not the other way around?) , and says, “If you focus on having a good life within your limits, your finances will be in good shape without putting much effort behind it.”

FMF from Free Money Finance presents The Economics of Bicycling to Work, and says, “Save money and keep in shape!! What’s not to love?”

Money Beagle from Money Beagle presents The Writing Free Check.

Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents Strong Brands Grow Dividends , and says, “The strong brand name provides a good differentiation strategy versus competitors, which ensures that the company is able to charge a premium for its products and have an enduring wide-moat business.”

David from Credit Card Offers IQ presents One Credit Card Rule Above All Else – Don’t Pay Interest!, and says, “Tips on how to NOT pay interest”

Big Cajun Man from Canadian Personal Finance presents The Semantics of Money, and says, “Are you saving, or are you just not spending?”

Tim from Canadian Dream: Free at 45 presents The $25 Challenge – Final Summary, and says, “Can you eat well for 18 days with just $25 of food and what you have in your cupboard? Well my family gave it a try and this post is the final results and lessons learned.”

Jim from Wanderlust Journey presents New Credit Card Applications Hurt Your Credit Score.

WellHeeled from Well-Heeled Blog presents How to Talk Yourself Out of Buying and Spending?, and says, “Look at all the ways to talk yourself to save! ”

Austin from Foreigner’s Finances presents How Does Ally Bank Make Money?, and says, “Ally is one of the most popular online banks, but they have no obvious income stream. This post does some investigative work to find out how Ally makes their money.”

Mike Piper from Oblivious Investor presents Roth IRA Conversion Deadline, and says, “Is there a deadline for the new Roth IRA conversion rules?”

Briana Ford from Go Banking Rates presents Broke Banks and Credit Union Catastrophes (Infographic), and says, “According to the Bank Implode-O-Meter, 324 banks have “imploded” since early 2007. Already this year as of early July, 96 banks and credit unions have closed.”

Kristia from Family Balance Sheet presents Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account Participants: Be Aware of Changes for 2011.

eemusings from Musings of an Abstract Aucklander presents Purchase in haste? No way, and says, “Impulse buys are a wallet-killer.”

Michael from The DoughRoller presents 10 Jobs To Earn Some Extra Cash, and says, “10 side jobs that can slowly fill your pockets with more cash.”

Squirrelers from Squirrelers presents Emergency Funds in Retirement, and says, “Article discussing whether or not one needs emergency funds in retirement. ”

Adam from Magical Penny presents Only Today, and says, “Are you working towards your priorities *today*?” Say yes often enough and your priorities will begin to shape your life the way you intend them to.  This post is how keeping up with the Joneses (the neighbors next door who spend a lot of money) affects things other than your finances. Does it change how much you give to charity? Can it make you healthier or happier?”

Aaron from Prepaid Cards 123 presents 10 Reasons To Use A Prepaid Card, and says, “10 reasons to use a prepaid card”

David from Credit Card Offers IQ presents What’s the point of a Secured Credit Card?, and says, “Secured cards help build credit”

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