Carnival of Money Stories!


I am honored to be hosting the Carnival of Money Stories! If this is your first time visiting, welcome!  Don’t make fun of the carneys- that’s not nice. 🙂

Here are the great money stories included in this week’s carnival:

Bucksome presents Debt Collectors: I am not Antonio S. posted at Buck$ome Boomer’s Journey to Retirement.

Joe Plemon presents A Great Phone Call posted at Personal Finance By The Book.

BWL presents My Rollover From My 401k to an IRA posted at Christian Personal Finance.

Squirrelers presents Would You Buy a Used Pair of Shoes? posted at Squirrelers.

Miss Bankrupt presents Things I Can Live Without posted at Miss Bankrupt.

Kristina presents The Art of Negotiations posted at DINKS Finance.

J. Money presents Your Take: How do you deal with “Splitting the check?” posted at Budgets Are Sexy.

Sustainable Life Blog presents When To Go It Alone posted at Sustainable Life Blog.

Single Mom Rich Mom presents How to Get Out of Debt Part 1.1: Rock bottom posted at Single Mom, Rich Mom.

Mr. Credit Card presents Debt And Our Armed Forces posted at Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog.

FMF presents A Great Customer Service Experience posted at Free Money Finance.

Lauren Mendel presents Our Mortgage Crisis posted at Richly Reasonable – Money, Saving, Living, Playing.

Crystal presents Financial Confession posted at Budgeting In the Fun Stuff.

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents The Pros and Cons of a Local Credit Union posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

Nathan Richardson presents How to Loan Money to Relatives without being a Jerk posted at Complex Search.

Daniel presents Bank of America Responds…Far Too Late posted at Sweating The Big Stuff.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents How To Remove Spyware, Malware or Any Computer Virus? posted at The Digerati Life.

Jeff Rose, CFP presents Save Money By Not Eating Out For an Entire Month posted at Jeff Rose.

freefrombroke presents When You Save Are You Really Saving? posted at Free From Broke.

Alex Aidar presents The path to financial independence posted at Your Financial Independence.

Financial Literacy presents A Martini Tale; Financial Tales posted at Financial Tales.

Donna Freedman presents I travel with mayonnaise. posted at Surviving and Thriving.

Money Beagle presents Spring To Do List: How’d I Do? posted at Money Beagle.

MoneyNing presents How to Recast Your Mortgage posted at Money Ning.

Carmen Nesenson presents I’m Not Poor, I’m On a Budget posted at Go Banking Rates: Recent Articles.

Sun presents Evergreen Financial Activities that Never Go Out of Style posted at Earn More Invest Wisely at The Sun’s Financial Diary.

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21 thoughts on “Carnival of Money Stories!

  1. Single Mom Rich Mom says:

    I love carnies! Although I used to date a rodeo clown back in the day too…

    Thanks so much for including my story – hope it helps anyone out there who’s in debt and can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.


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