Car Troubles: What Should I do?


car.jpgI am so ready for this year to be over. I have had the worst luck this year! My grandmother passed away in January, we had the tree fall on the house in January as well, I thought I had cancer (I go to the oncologist tomorrow for a check up), my dad is currently in the hospital, and now we have all this car trouble.

I am ready for a break!

Monday I decided I was going to take my car in to the mechanic because it was running funny. It sounded like something was going to fall through the floor, and when I turned, I heard this “wubba wubba wubba” noise.  Of course that’s not good.  When the mechanic called me on Monday to tell me that the Motor Mounds were bad and that it was a miracle the motor hadn’t fallen out, I asked him how much it would cost to fix. Around $500.  Then, he proceeded to tell me that because of the motor mounds being out it ruined an axle, which will cost me another $500 at the most.  At this point I’m wondering if it’s worth putting the money into a 1994 Oldsmobile Achieva, but I think, hey, I can’t buy a car for $1000.  So I tell him to go ahead and fix it.

He calls me back a few hours later with more bad news. The steering rod needs replaced and the bottom of the car is rusted out.  At this point it makes no sense to fix the car, because it’s going to cost more than it’s worth!  Plus, if we did fix it, who knows how long it would last before something else happened to it.

There goes my “no car payment” plan. I am so bummed.

I have a few options, as I see it, and I really need your advice. This is what I’ve come up with:

  • Buy a car that’s a few years old, obviously used but in good condition.  Take out a car loan and try to pay it back as soon as possible.  Take some money out of savings to pay for the car.
  • Buy a car that is only $6,000-$8,000 and pay cash.  I’ve been saving up for a car (thankfully!!).  The only problem is that if I do this then I’m not going to get a newer car and I don’t want to get something that I’m going to have to sink more money into.
  • Buy a Vespa scooter for $1,000 and drive that.  Just kidding.

That’s pretty much the only options I can think of now.  I am dreading having a car payment/spending money.  I hate this! I feel so unfrugal lately.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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4 thoughts on “Car Troubles: What Should I do?

  1. Hanna says:

    See if you have a car place that sells used rental cars that you can buy. You can generally get a 1 year old car that was used by a car rental agency for far cheaper than other places. Yes, they’re used and have some miles, but they’re kept in top condition because people are renting them so they have to be! And since, at least where I live, car companies can only use these cars for a year before having to get a new replacement, it makes for a cheap option.


  2. Princess Treea says:

    I would never, ever pay interest on something that depreciates unless I had NO other option. I vote buying an inexpensive car for cash. You can likely get a good car for your $6-8,000 budget.

    Good luck!


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