Capital One No Hassle Credit Card – yeah right!


77006095.jpgFor years, my husband has carried Capital One No Hassle Rewards Credit Cards. He’s had two for oh, the past 5 years. Well, last month there was a situation where he didn’t receive a bill, they socked him with a $39 membership fee, and then a $15 late fee on it as well! I was appalled. Luckily he called, and they took care of it.

Only they really didn’t.

Today in the mail we received no less that four pieces of mail from Capital One, saying his balance is now two cycles past due, and that we can call and set up arrangements to make payments and such. Let me tell you, I am LIVID. They are lucky I am not on that account because I would be calling and giving them an earful. My husband has tomorrow off, and he is going to be calling to cancel both cards, because this is ridiculous. Now, I understand it will have an impact on his credit score, but the benefit will far outweigh the impact. Why is Capital One so horrible? Let me tell you why.

Their call centers are located in India and the customer service is horrible. Every time I have called, (I had an account with them but closed it) I have not been able to understand the person on the other end of the line. While they may be able to understand me, obviously they didn’t understand my husband when he asked them to waive the late fee and the membership fee. They told him they’d get it taken care of when obviously they didn’t. I have nothing against Indian people; in fact most of the Indian people I have met are wonderful. I do have a problem with companies outsourcing employment to other countries. No wonder our economy sucks!

The fees Capital One charges. If you can’t get a card without an annual fee, you shouldn’t be carrying one. I will never carry a card that has an annual fee. I love how Capital One charges the annual membership fee, doesn’t send a statement, and then gives the customer grief when they call to ask about it. If the address is correct in the system, what is the problem? There is no excuse.

They won’t close your account when you ask them to. When I called to cancel my card a few years ago, they wouldn’t allow me to cancel it. I actually felt guilty about wanting to cancel my credit card with them! No consumer should have to feel that way. Eventually I called back and told them that it was a requirement for a loan that I was getting that I had to close out that account. They finally closed out my account for me.

Is the Capital One No Hassle Credit Card a good card?  I will never, ever recommend anyone to get a Capital One Credit card. Customer service speaks volumes, and theirs leaves something to be desired. If you want to get taken advantage of, go ahead and get one of their cards. I, for one, will be staying far, far away.

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7 thoughts on “Capital One No Hassle Credit Card – yeah right!

  1. Seb says:

    Sadly, most call centers are located in India this days. I don’t know how may “Steves” I’ve talked to over the years with Indian accents. It’s just part of the global economy.


  2. Mrs Money says:

    Seb- You made me laugh out loud. I totally know what you mean. They’re like “Hello, this is Bob, how may I help you?” Okay, Bob, we know that’s really not your name… 😉


  3. Shawn Knight says:

    Eh, this is just part of the hassle you have to put up with when dealing with credit card companies. It’s so much easier to just… not have credit cards. That way, you are in control of your own money and there isn’t someone there, looming over your shoulder, just waiting to give you a hard time.

    Problem solved 🙂


  4. El Cheapo says:

    ‘If you can’t get a card without an annual fee, you shouldn’t be carrying one…’

    Great quote and post. There are definitely lots of CapOne horror stories out there. I wonder how many people sign up with them due to clever marketing.


  5. says:

    Capital one sucks, they put me through the ringer with only having my card for a couple of weeks! I should have seen this as a sign when I received a bill for my credit card and I didn’t even get the card YET!


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