Can Doing What You Love Become a Chore?

Posted by Mrs Money on December 9th, 2009


One of my dreams is to be able to work for myself from home. I’d love to accomplish this by photography, graphic design, selling my crafts, soap making, and dabbling in whatever other interests me. I want to create things, and being a banker sometimes just doesn’t cut it. I long for something new, something different, where I can put my skills to use.

At the same time though, when I do take on a wedding photography client, proofing the pictures can be such a pain! I sit there for hours, analyzing (and over analyzing) the shots. I work for so long editing the pictures that my eyes get blurry and I start to get a headache. Not good at all!

It makes me think- I love photography and taking pictures. When it is a job though, sometimes it is more stressful than it is enjoyable. For instance, this weekend I am shooting a wedding and I’m already nervous about it! Even though I know it will be fine and everything will turn out well, I still worry.

I just need to realize that nothing is perfect and that in the end, what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger. As long as I’m enjoying what I do, that’s all that matters.

What do you think- do you think if you had to do something you love as “work” everyday, would it become a chore?

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10 Responses to “Can Doing What You Love Become a Chore?”

  1. Kacie says:

    I think it’s very easy for a hobby-turned-sidejob to become a chore. Take blogging, for instance.

    I blog for fun. The extra money I might earn is just a bonus. When I’ve tried to increase my earnings though, blogging quickly feels tedious. Not good!

    I don’t really know how to strike a balance with that sort of thing.


  2. Nicole says:

    I am a knitter, and I always have people asking me to knit stuff for them.
    I recently informed a friend of mine that I would charge $50 for a scarf, based on the cost of materials, and the time I would put in to it. He didn’t want to pay that much, and the price he offered wouldn’t even cover the cost of yarn.
    This is incredibly stressful.
    I love knitting (I blog about it at and I would knit even if I wasn’t making money. But when people ask for something very specific, I need to ask for some sort of compensation.

    When people under-value my work, it makes me want to give away all my needles and yarn. It just makes me sad 🙁


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I hate when I make something, am in love with it, and someone is like “eh” about it. 🙂 I made a shawl and people were like “you’re too young to have a shawl!!” I still wear it. I love it!


  3. cavewoman says:

    I’m one of the lucky ones who does what she loves for a living—-so my work seldom seems like “work”.
    Oh—it definintely has its bad days. Nothing is perfect. But on the whole I am deeply happy doing what I do—-and I recommend to follow your bliss.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I am going to try my hardest to make my dreams come true. I’m going to work on my little side businesses while I work full time. I’m hoping that by the time we get pregnant, I’m making enough money on the side to be able to stay at home. That would be awesome!


  4. J. Money says:

    Yup! I’m with Kacie – whenever I force myself to blog I’m having no fun and it’s more of a chore…when I do it on my own time when I’m excited though, I love it!

    Great post.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I know what you mean. I’ll sit down and force myself to write and I go blank. Then I feel like I write a bunch of crap! Other times I’m in the mood to write so I write a bunch of posts all at once. I figure do it while I’m in the mood. 😉


  5. Miss M says:

    Yes, it happens to many people who decide to make a living with what was formerly a hobby or interest. Once it becomes a JOB, it’s no longer as fun and interesting as it once was. I’ve made the same mistake before, now I try to keep my hobbies strictly that and avoid the day dreaming trap.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I don’t think I’ll be able to make a bunch of money off my knitting. I think I’m just going to keep doing it for fun! 🙂



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