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My brother is one of those people who are convinced the government is evil, we’re on the edge of a financial apocalypse, and that the world as we know it is probably going to come to an end soon. While he may end up being right, who can actually predict what’s going to happen in the future? Were there many people who predicted the Great Recession of 2009?

One of the latest videos he forwarded to me carried the following message: buy whatever you want to now while the dollar is still worth something, because in a few months it’s going to take a lot more dollars to buy whatever object you’re interested in. It does make sense; if the dollar’s value declines horribly in a few months, then we’ll probably all be kicking ourselves that we didn’t buy that flat screen tv or that new laptop.

I totally understand this theory, and part of me wants to run out and buy that flat screen tv so I am ahead of the game, so to speak. At this moment though, I’m going to be relaxed about this, save my money, and see what happens. I’m not going to go out and spend a bunch of money just because. It’s just not me.

What do you think- do you think my brother has a good theory here? 

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7 thoughts on “Buy Now While the Dollar is Still Worth Something

  1. Mrs. Accountability says:

    Mr. A is on the side of your brother. Mr. A worries most about the prices of food and sundries (toilet paper, soap) skyrocketing. I grew up with this kind of end of the world disaster thinking and if I think about it too much it just makes me nervous. At times that I remind myself that at least I *know how* to garden and have a garden, and have some good tools in place for self-sustainability.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I freak out sometimes too. I think it’s a natural reaction. If you think about it too much it can drive you crazy!


  2. Revanche says:

    The world “as we know it” will definitely change, but if you subscribe to chaos theory even a little bit, and to the idea that people tend to fight really hard to keep status quo, we’ll probably not stray too far from the norm.

    I have a feeling that we have a tendency to expect catastrophic changes when slow changes over time are more likely, ie: our savings have lost 80% of their earning power going from 5.5% APR to 1.2%, but inflation is nowhere near the heights anticipated this time last year.

    As usual, I’ll buy what I can when I feel like I have the money for it, and practice the skill of lying to myself about how much/little spending money I have. 🙂


    Mrs Money Reply:

    That’s what I am thinking- there will be change, but as long as we are flexible, we’ll be okay. I hope that things don’t get worse than what they are, but time will tell. And I love the trick about lying to yourself about how much money you have! 🙂

    P.S.- Your blog is awesome!


    Revanche Reply:

    Aw, thanks!

    Another thought I forgot to mention was that while people are constantly worried that the dollar will fail, it could, but the global currency is such that if the dollar fails, most (if not all) of the rest of the world would follow.

    A particularly smart friend made the following observations regarding the peculiarities of the dollar that is matched only by perhaps the Euro, “the dollar is a permanent reserve. Investors and central banks buy dollars — which, as a side effect, means they invest in America — without any real thought of selling. So long as that happens and continues to happen, America gets a steady stream of capital coming in, that will never be taken out. Which is even better than a strong export sector, because, unlike capital from exports, we don’t even have to sell anything to get it.”

    So you know, I may not have had the extensive analyses that he discussed, but my gut feeling is that he’s right and while the dollar is weak, it’s in everyone’s best interest to shore up the strength of the dollar over time to prevent a global collapse.


  3. ProFuzz says:

    Well, to tell you the truth I don’t believe that the dollar’s value will fall. But I do believe that mass media is manipulating people the way somebody needs it!
    I think that the US dollar is the strongest currency in the world!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I am glad you feel that way! I think that we need more positive people to counteract the media. I think the media likes to instill way too much hype in people! I hope that we are the strongest currency in the world for a long time! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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