Buy Food Now. Lots.


greens.jpgOne of the message boards I frequent had this as the topic “buy food now. Lots.”  Basically the gist of the post was that we really needed to stock up on food this week because this person thinks that we will have “big trouble — serious trouble — this week and next, and that the real economic spanking will begin in this country.”  That is her quote, not mine.

While I believe in being prepared, I can’t help but feel a mix of emotions among this post.  First of all, why instill panic and fear into people?  I am sure that people for many years have hoarded food.  They have lived through recessions and depressions all the same, and have lived to tell about it.  Don’t cause people to panic because that just makes things worse!  This person goes on to say how you should have six months worth of food saved up in case something happens.  I personally don’t know anyone that does this.  Even we were unprepared for the winter ice storm and Hurricane Ike. I know we need to get an emergency kit together, but six months worth of food is ridiculous in my eyes.

I can’t help but be curious as to how many people actually went out and purchased food or are planning on it.  The majority of people that replied to her basically told her that she was crazy.  I think I’m in that group too!

 How much food do you have stockpiled/saved for an emergency?

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18 thoughts on “Buy Food Now. Lots.

  1. Sue says:

    Where I live there is a risk of cyclones each year in the Wet Season. There’s always enough warning time to go out and stock up on things. We’ve recently had grocery supplies cut off by floods and we still managed OK. Some brands and items ran out and the shelves were bare, but no-one starved! I believe some towns ran out of toilet paper, so people must have been eating something!!!


  2. Rebecca says:

    My pantry is always well stocked but only because I love to stockpile when I find bargains, not because I believe in this fear mongering that some people love to spread 🙂


  3. David Scott - Secure Survivor says:

    Though I don’t beleive that panic buying is appropriate or necessary, the thoughtful storing of a food supply that would last at least three months or more is actually one of the best ways to prepare for any one of many possible emergencies or disasters:such as earthquakes, hurricanes, pandemic flu, long periods of unemployment, etc. You can read my childhood “secure survior” story on to see how my family and I found out the hard way that running to the grocery store after an emergency (a devastating typhoon in our case), you are likely to find not much more then empty shelves. Many of those who have suffered in the aftermath of natural disasters, as I have, are likely to understand the need for not only a good 72 hour kit but also the prudence of having enough food and water to last well beyond that.


  4. Kittymoose says:

    I’ve been following that thread too 🙂

    I do have about a month of food stored up, mostly because my boyfriend’s mom keeps giving us non-perishables. And I like the little bit of security blanket. Also here in southeastern WI there’s always the chance for a bad tornado or storm, and I like being prepared.


  5. Miss M @ M is for Money says:

    We do have quite a bit of food, Mr M is a pack rat in that respect. We have a problem with buying too much food. But I’m not going to stockpile more cause some nut thinks the world will collapse tomorrow. Every few years you hear stories like this, the last recession had the doom and gloomers too. I think it will be worse than the rosy expectations and better than the worst.


  6. Meg from FruWiki says:


    Do you eat dehydrated foods like some raw foodists? If so, then that might be something to stock up on.

    Also, you can stock up on seeds for sprouting. And I’d get a guide to local edible plants.

    If you live in a disaster-prone area (and who doesn’t, really?!), I would still recommend that you have some bit of food reserves — even if it isn’t something you normally wouldn’t eat.

    As for my husband and I, we keep a good quantity of rice, flour, sugar, and beans on hand, as well as other groceries. We don’t use the rice and flour much, but they’re good to have. And my husband doesn’t eat any of those except flour and sugar in various forms. But, in an emergency, he’d no doubt find rice and beans quite yummy.


  7. Nicole says:

    If people post stuff like this, then the stores WILL run out of food, because people will go crazy buying and the regular deliveries will not be come soon enough to account for this.
    I work at a grocery store, and the stock a store has is often enough to keep the store stocked for a couple days. Yeah, maybe certain brands will run out, or certain sizes, but there will be more.
    I live with my parents and brother and we probably have enough food for a month and a half. But this isn’t stockpiling for an emergency. It’s stockpiling because name brand soup was 15 cents a can (regularly a dollar each), bread was super cheap so its in our freezer, we have over 100 rolls of toilet paper.
    It’s the same people that are worried that everything is going to the crapper next week that believed Y2K


  8. Mrs Money says:

    Sue- Where I live, the news mentions “snow” and everyone flocks to Kroger and buys milk and bread. Seriously!

    Deirdre- I eat high raw, all vegan so I worry what I would do if something happened and I couldn’t get to the store for produce! We plant a garden in the summer, but in the dead of winter I’d have to go without fresh produce if it truly was an emergency. It makes me sad to think about that. I love my raw foods!

    Rebecca- I think I could be better about stocking my pantry. I like to go to Costco and buy things there. My husband hates it because he says two people don’t need 25 pounds of rice! Maybe not, but in an emergency we would have a lot of rice to eat!

    David- I’m so sorry to hear that. I do think it’s a great idea to be prepared and I’m going to be working hard to obtain a month or two of food stored. I don’t want to go overboard, but I would feel safe having that much saved.

    Kittymoose- That’s funny you are watching too. 🙂 Small world! We live in an area that has gotten all kinds of crazy weather lately so it can’t hurt for me to be prepared!

    Miss M- I agree. I think that you are going to have people on both ends of the spectrum and people can choose to believe whatever they want. I’m going to try to be optimistic, because worse thing that can happen is I lose my house and everything and have to move in with my parents. At least I would have a roof over my head, right? 🙂

    Meg- I eat high raw too and that’s a great idea about dehydrating! I’ve been wanting to get some seeds for sprouting, and now I think I may order just a little extra. Thanks for sharing! You’ve got some awesome ideas.

    Nicole- Good point! People freak out about things unnecessarily. I think that you should be prepared in general, not just because one person has “a feeling”. 🙂


  9. Meg from FruWiki says:

    Thanks Mrs. Money!

    I like mixing alfalfa with a little radish sprouts for nice kick.

    What sort of set up are you thinking about using? I grow mine in a Mason jar and use a small metal mesh strainer to rinse them. After I swish the water around and pour it out, I turn the jar, with the strainer on it, upside down onto a small glass and let it sit like that till I rinse them again. Fortunately, I found a strainer that fits nicely around the mouth of the jar.


  10. Deirdre says:

    Hmm – yes, drying is a good idea. Generally I eat more towards the 80/10/10 diet – all fresh, but having dried fruits and veggies around for emergencies is a good idea. Thanks!


  11. Mrs Money says:

    Meg from FruWiki- I am thinking about using a Mason jar with cheese cloth. I heard you should boil the cheese cloth first before rinsing. I’m going to give it a shot soon and see how it works!


  12. Ryan from Going Carless says:

    I’m not crazy. I hold a regular job, but I agree with this woman. Things are changing. I think it’s shortsighted and foolish not to learn basic skills. We have become lazy and forgotten how to do ANYthing. I hat to think of what it would be like if something were to happen.
    I don’t have tons of food stockpiled though I think I should. My girlfriend is interested in wild plants. I’ve been learning how to shoot a bow (legal in PA) and other survival skills.


  13. Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men says:


    I don’t know if I have 6 months in every kind of food stocked up. But we DO buy a years worth of meat each fall. I bought almost 200 lbs of flour , and over a 100 lbs of rice and the list goes on. We buy in bulk stock up when sales happen. (with certain items fall is the best time) I think it is a good practice to stock up in the fall to get through to till spring. I have to say the one area we do keep buying weekly is fresh veggies, milk, and odd things that we don’t stock up on. I do NOT condone to live in fear. I believe to be like the goat in the movie Hoodwinked says….”be prepared”. Also I like that we don’t have to go to the grocery store AS much either. [0=

    Thank you for joining TWT.
    Blessings in Him<


  14. Mrs Money says:

    Meg from FruWiki- I think I’m going to do what you do. I don’t want to worry about messing it up! 😉

    Ryan from Going Carless- I think it’s great you are learning new skills. I’m trying to learn to sew now, and it is so much fun!

    Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men- WOW! You are amazing! Congrats on having that much food stored!


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