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If you have a passion for writing, I am encouraging you to join Associated Content. Basically what you do is write an article about a subject you care about, submit it for publishing, and get paid! I think this is an awesome way to make a little bit of cash on the side. Comment here with the link to your profile!

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One thought on “Associated Content

  1. blair says:

    Hey, comission junction doesn’t do referals – but it’s so awesome. it’s like googleadsense, or something of the sort, but you get to pick what companies you want to work with (they have TONS, walmart, snapfish, vistaprint, etc.) and you earn a percentage of the sales people create if they purchase something off the link from your site. the best part? a lot of the companies are places i’d actually shop, so i can earn myself money from shopping i’d already do! 🙂


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