Ask Me Anything


Here’s your change to ask any burning question about me/my life that’s been on your mind.

Creative Commons License photo credit: andy.brandon50

Do you want to know my favorite food?  What’s my pet peeve?  Ask away.  I will do my best to answer all of your questions!

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4 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything

  1. Jenny says:

    1) How did your childhood/life leading up to adulthood and marriage influence your frugality?

    2) What are some of your favorite things to cook for dinner at home?

    3) Looking back at our wedding, we realize now that we overspent in many areas. How do you feel about your wedding? Was it simple or fancy? Was it budget-conscious or a last financial fling before the responsibility of running a household? What would you go back and change?


    Mrs Money Reply:

    1) My mom was always frugal and was big into yard sailing and buying things on sale with coupons. Growing up, it was something that was normal. I remember we used to go to the thrift store to get jeans and I could get like 5 pairs at $3 each versus 1 pair for like $15. I loved that!

    2) Oh my goodness, I am such a lazy cook! I really like making chicken tikka masala (an Indian dish) but that’s about it. Sometimes for dinner I’ll cook some chicken and have that with veggies. I think a lot of my problem with cooking is a lack of planning!

    3) It was fancier than it would have been if I paid for it myself! 😉 My parents paid for it (I realize I am lucky). It was so beautiful and I don’t think I would have changed a thing. I would love to do it again!


  2. Mrs. Accountability says:

    Mrs. Money, how did you meet Mr. Money, and have you always been frugal?


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Mrs. A- I went out to Colorado on vacation with a friend and he was the roommate of the guy she was going out there to see! I moved out there the next month, and the rest of it is history! 🙂

    I’ve always been frugal because my mom always has been and still is. When I go visit her now, we go thrifting together! I really enjoy that. 🙂


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