April 401k, ROTH IRA and Investment Summary


71360469.jpgWell looks like my 401k is doing a little better this month. It is now down 19.7%, compared to being down 22.9% last month. Although I feel discouraged still, the recent talk of a merger may bring the stock back up once the final decision is made from the company.  I’m crossing my fingers that it will.

Also, something that happened this month was my (and Mr. Money’s) ROTH IRA’s were charged their annual fees. The fee is supposed to be $15 but he got charged $40.  I’ve called, and hopefully they will get that taken care of.  If not, I’ll be moving those because it makes no sense to be paying $40 a year for an annual fee that doesn’t have that much money in the account.  We’re trying to grow money, not subtract from it!

Things are still slow, but we’re going to remain optimistic that they will only get better!

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